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State of the Word-Swamp

As I promised myself, a list of works in progress with associated word counts, so that I have something to refer to. This is mostly for my own reference at the moment, so I don’t forget some of the things that are there, and sure, I COULD do it in Evernote or something, but where’s the fun in that?

In Progress:

Armadillo Wizard, middle-grade – 19.4K (Probably has a home once finished.)

Bryony & The Beast, (YA? Adult?) – 53K (Finished, awaiting agent feedback.)

Boar & Apples, novella – 11K

Bread Wizard, middle-grade – 74K (awaiting second round of edits from editor)

The YA Night-Gaunt Paranormal Romance, God Help Us All – 18.8K

House With Bird Feet, middle-grade – 34K (awaiting agent feedback)

Goblins, novella — 35K

Regency Ninja – 35K (currently being shopped, getting second read somewhere)


Battlesheep, young reader comic — 3.5K (needs re-write of end bit, been passed around, may be dead but damnit, I love the character designs.)

Familiar Blues, middle-grade comic/chapter hybrid — 4.5K (Proposal stage, maybe after Hamster Princess)

Platypus Files, middle-grade comic/chapter hybrid – 3K (Proposal stage. Need to change to some other species, alas.)

Seventh Bride, aka The One With The Hedgehog — 15.5K — (Passed, possible conflict between YA theme and middle-grade writing. Shove in drawer and poke later.)

Dark House, aka Evil Little House On The Prairie- 15K (Poke much later, when copyright expires)

Moth-Riders, middle-grade – 18K

Not Dead Yet:

The One With The Barbarian Gynecologist – 37K (Stuck. Either turns into heavy political crap I can’t write, or ends rather badly.)

Angler & the Bluebird – 20K (Think I’m writing the wrong book. Might be serviceable with kicking.)

Slate, Ninja Accountant – 67K (Should get off ass and finish.)

Elf & Orc – Can’t find file, have to go digging. Stuck on ending.

Everything Else – A Zillion K

(Yes, yes, I know, people want to see the one with the barbarian gynecologist and Elf & Orc and so on, and they’re not DEAD, but they’re…stuck. Sometimes I get to a point and realize that I either don’t know what happens next, or I do know and don’t much like it. I won’t swear they won’t turn up later, just…at the moment, not in the queue.)

…man, I have too damn many projects. Still, helpful to have them all in one place for once.

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Elf & Orc still exists at all? Woohoo!

Also, whatever happened to the one with the demon rotting in the guy's head, and the girl who smelled rosemary when there was Fate or Magic or something? Or the one with the living tattoos that ate their hosts if they disobeyed orders or whatever? Or were those the same one....? Oh, and the one with the girl who was really a war hero of some sort but was bespelled into being simple & docile, then stabbed a guy with a knitting needle to escape? Is that the barbarian gynecologist one?

*sigh* I wish I were persistent enough to go through all your old backlog posts to find them.

Edited at 2012-10-25 06:16 pm (UTC)

The first one was Slate, Ninja Accountant, and the second one is indeed the Barbarian Gynecologist one.

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That list makes it very hard to avoid visualizing your work ethic as a bit frazzled and having had perhaps a few too many cups of something that wasn't exactly coffee.

I find a lot of stuff that gets stuck unsticks, not from poking, but from being along while one goes out somewhere and is quiet in a quiet place.

(Trying to use birding for that is not the cleverest thing I ever attempted.)

-- Graydon

On the other hand, it is better to have too many projects than to be in a completely dry spell.

*hops from foot to foot in impatience waiting for the House with Bird Feet*

This ::nods::

Such a super list, too - I'm all inspired! :)

I wouldn't leave out the House of Red Fireflies, either...

Every several months, when I need a cheer-up or just a good jag of excellent, meaningful but still subtly comical writing, I go back to DeviantArt and read through Elf vs Orc again. I'd thought it was totally abandoned, pleased to see it up here on this list.

Just going by the titles (even if only temporary) I want to read ALL OF THESE.

Just knowing there's that much written on these stories satisfies some deep longing in my soul, even if I can't read them. ^_^

I suspect it is Okay for Some Things to End Badly. ("Ursula V's Little Book of Bad Endings"...) In case that frees up any Stuckness in the future, after the unStucks. (Besides, if you leave a tiny "out," then it's not a Bad Ending; it's a Horrible Cliffhanger, and there you go! ...worked for Hambly's The Silent Tower, anyway...)

I am glad that Dark House is still in the drawer, even if there are still copyright issues. (Hm. Looks like the first book of that series might be out of copyright in Canada? Have your agent shop to Canadian publishers? O;> Otherwise, copyright for that expires in... 2031? *SIGH*)

I really don't want to start a copyright discussion / argument (it would probably just consist of everyone violently agreeing with each other and/or quibbling about how cynical to be), but I think you should assume that anything currently under copyright in the USA will never enter the public domain.

I know you're unlikely to ever go back to it, but I just wanted to tell you that I really miss Gearworld. I found it so unbelievably captivating.

I absolutely second that!

I have to thank you, Ursula. Your projects list makes mine look sensible and unambitious.

*eyes the comments*

Hmm, I dunno if it was your intent, but this is also working well as a bit of stealth marketing research to see what your existing fans think of these projects!

*laugh* Sadly, unless my existing fans are acquisitions editors, their desires are not really taken into account. Unless I self-pub, naturally.

More books! Yay! We'll be buying all of the YA stuff, and the middle grade stuff, and pretty much anything you have for kids. The House with Bird Feet is particularly interesting, and I will probably be buying multiple copies.

We are still giving Danny Dragonbreath books as birthday presents. It's that or Legos.

Elf & Orc! *clamps hands over mouth to prevent undignified squeeing* Oh man, I thought that one was long retired, as well as the barbarian gynocologist. I'm glad to know they're in hybernation rather than ground to a bitter halt, especially Elf & Orc. I dunno why but I have always been super fond of that one.

(I really don't mean to be all "WRITE MORE ELF & ORC!" I am legit super pleased just because it's a thing that still exists in the world in a future-potential sorta way.)

Elf and Orc ? You mean Celadon Toadstool and Sing-To-Trees, right ? I'm glad to see this one is not quite dead yet, even if it's athe bottom of your list.

Joining the squeeing brigade about Elf VS Orc (and.. actually the squeeing brigade about all the list too...)