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Starting Another Project Is Stupid

Wordcount: 10,100

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*passes over virtual tea to go with the project*

...thus avoiding tea-wettening the internet...

:) I hope it's going well!

Speaking only for myself, if I were smart about things like this I would never get anything done.


Good luck!

This is your brain. *tick*tock*tick*tick*
This is your brain on Ursula. *moped noises*
This is Ursula's brain driven by her muse. *drag strip race car noises*

And this is once the coffee shop closes. *Dear, stop drooling face down into the keyboard. Kevin is keeping the bed warm*

NaNoStartMo, eh? Ah, well!

I'm getting the sin of hypothesizing without data here, but I believe you may be confusing insanity and stupidity.

Yes! High five! I was just reading through elf vs. Orc yesterday for some inspiration (reading things that inspire me really get the creative juices, and since you have the power of making me laugh out loud regularly, that's good) and caught your comments on nanowrimo where you started the ninja accountant story. You've gotta write what you've gotta write. New projects just mean something Has To Get Written. That's never bad. Even with deadlines.

(Also I made the mistake of snapping up a copy of Jade Empire on the recommendation of those old blog posts so I'll try not to blame you if my novel doesn't get last it's current 30k.)

Note to self: Don't type comments on Ursula's blog when caffeinated and tired. I swear my novel isn't written that badly. :)

Don't sweat it. It's not like you don't finish stuff. Eventually ;)

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