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I had not actually intended to freak out and clean the closet this afternoon, but I was idly flipping through house stuff on-line and found a reference to the book Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century which was an anthropological study of how we live (or how Americans in LA live, anyhow, which may not quite resemble the rest of us.) It pretty much took one photo of dirty clothes being stored in the shower and that weird bit in the back of my brain that is convinced that I am five minutes of vigilance away from LIVING IN SQUALOR screamed like a regiment of drunken Highlanders and went for the garbage bags.

Honestly, the house looks pretty good at the moment, as long as you stay out of the closets and the garage. The new flooring in the living room makes it infinitely better. The library is about half awesome and half…not quite so awesome, but the rest of the downstairs is totally awesome.

And now the closet is…at least more functional.

Someday, I will do the coat closet. I will need a chair, a whip, and some contractor bags. But not today.


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At least your house doesn't move around on chicken legs!

Further, this is a mere de-clutter of something you get to KEEP. I am about to move, oh, my ghod, from a House! With a (no car) Garage! into an Apartment. Do you know how hard it is to find anything in the Seattle area that's more than 450 square feet and under a grand a month? -- that's just a round figure, my actual budget is smaller by far. And I've sold NINE boxes of books, and given away another 5 dozen books, and I need to weed out what can go to the homeless camp both in books and furniture and cookware and clothes and plushies, and (deep breath) craft supplies and writing supplies and out of date compooper equipment and books and furniture and mementos and gifts and did I mention books and furniture? *panics*

*hugs* I've only recently realized and started to accept that after my schooling is done, I may very well have to move to another town/city/whathaveyou to find a job in my new field. The idea, the very IDEA of trimming down a 1500-1600 sq. ft. house with 2 children into a three bedroom apartment is horrifying. And I don't even DO crafts!

*hugs* I sell books as a side income, and I was sitting on just shy of 100 when we moved two adults, one toddler, one cat, and our various accoutrements from an 800 sq ft apartment to two rooms in a basement, totaling around 400 sq ft. And we moved everything in less than a day with very little prior warning. *shudder* I'm hiring movers next time, I swear it!

But you have a teen, a tween, a Kevin, and a beagle.

You're doomed.

Ah, but she also has a border collie which counter-acts a large part of the previous list.

True. Border collies are among the greatest enemies of entropy.

Just as an aside "...screamed like a regiment of drunk Highlanders" is a lovely turn of phrase.

Seriously. I durn near hurt myself, and definitely startled several co-workers.

If it's anything like most coat closets you may also need body bags and an exorcist.

Oh, and if you find Narnia in there, do please let us know.

Edited at 2012-11-20 02:07 am (UTC)

If she finds Narnia, she should probably let Randall Munroe of XKCD know first. He's considered some of the practical applications.

Does it make me an awful person that my first reaction was "Radioactive waste disposal?"

Sadly, my first thought was...

Dirty laundry in the shower? Brilliant!!! (My bathroom is *really* small.)

How would Kevin feels about you handling a whip?

Libraries are never half awesome and half...not quite so awesome. Libraries, no matter what state they're in, are wholly awesome simply by dint of being libraries!

Dunno. Library's so dirty the books get eaten by wood worms are not awesome at all.

Poor books.

On the subject of cleaning, Ursula, has anyone pointed you in the direction of "Unfuck Your Habitat" on tumblr? I've found a lot of the philosophy useful for keeping my apartment clean and not stressing out about it. Warning to anyone who checks it out-- there's a lot of profanity there, but the owner makes a very strong effort to avoid triggering or shaming, and the whole thing is predicated around the idea that doing as much as you can is better than doing nothing, even if you can't do it all, which has made it popular with people who have chronic pain and various types of disabilities.

cleaning & chronic pain or disability

Hurrah for this! Chronic pain or fatigue as in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - which I gather has been re-named due to that being misleading - is very hard to see, and people who suffer these types of issues often get beaten up verbally and by a sort of shunning or disdain. Someone who makes the effort to make thing easier for folks with invisible disabilities deserves many kudos, and cookies.

The thing is, I don't have any idea how to find this site. I've only started hearing about tumblr recently, and had the impression it was more to do with unusual photos or maybe news stories, not another ... chat community, like LiveJournal or FaceBook?

Plus, I'm a prude. I really don't want to type the title of that site. Silly, but there you are. Don't want it in my browser history.

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability


The profanity can be an issue, but at the very least, the welcome packet is probably something you could download, then clear your browser history and you'd never have to go there again.

Tumblr allows for less interaction than LJ, but some sites do allow comments, which UFYH does.

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability

You can try www.flylady.net. No profanity and I think much the same approach. [I know much more about Flylady than about the Tumblr site.]

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability

Flylady tends to be a bit more focused on stay-at-home moms with lots of disposable income, and has a very strong Christian theme. Which may make it more or less palatable to the person asking, I don't know.

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability

Buddhist with no disposable income, actually. Trying, as mentioned above, to delete stuff & move. So probably the tumblr site is more useful. But that doesn't mean I can't look at more than one site, so thank you both.

I'm not a birder by any means, but since I moved technically south of the south end of Seattle, I have been seeing (rarely) big dark blue jays, which I found quite cool.

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability

Flylady does have a very strong Christian bias. However, it is still perfectly useful for everybody else, disposable income or not.

You just have to filter it. It really does have much the same message to deliver about decluttering and organizing, etc. Really.

Re: cleaning & chronic pain or disability

Stellar's jays?

A CITRINE WAGTAIL?! How awesome is that! And in British Columbia? I do envy your friend. A LOT.

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