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Dream Labor

I had a great idea for a quick, pithy blog post. In the time it took me to get here, I have forgotten it utterly.

It might have had something to do with gardening—been reading about the jardin de cure or “priest’s garden” which is France’s answer to cottage gardening. Or possibly it was about Nanowrimo, or maybe about the new deli that is supposed to be opening in town (everyone says it is “fancy” but since it’s not open, I don’t know where they are getting their information) or about the fact that I had a really complicated dream about slaying a dragon the other night and I woke up before the dragon was dead and it was incredibly frustrating, because damnit, I was supposed to slay that dragon! What was I doing with the prince and the big iron cages and the lance mounted on the front of the Buick if not to slay the dragon?

And of course since I woke up, the dragon is presumably not slain, which leads me to wonder if there is some place somewhere where dreaming people are drafted into doing all the crappy dangerous jobs, or even just the really boring ones, since presumably dreamers will accept anything you tell them to do as part of the dream. Useful way to run the nasty bits of the economy, and unlike zombies, you don’t have the feeding and storage issues. Maybe all those moving dreams I have aren’t actually deep-seated displacement anxiety, but me being recruited as unpaid labor to schlep boxes between apartments in another dimension.

No wonder I’m always pissed off in those dreams…



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Oh man... Your suspicion sounds way, way too likely to me; that's unnerving. No wonder I feel tired when I wake up every morning; I've been climbing tons of damn stairs all night!

I went to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument (properly 'Siwañ Wa'a Ki' in the locals' language instead of the invaders' Spanish from the 1700's) the day after Turkey Day; I love the place and haven't been there in too long, and it was a blast. But that night I dreamed I was hoofing it through the ruins up ladders that've been dust for centuries, following a little Native American girl and finding desert flowers in bunches all through the place. Weird dream, because we were also walking on floors that don't exist any more-- they looked mostly like clay over wood, or just wood in some places. There were other people there too but I didn't get to talk to any of them, I just followed this kid around for whatever reason (wish I knew why. Cleanup duty?)

Neil Gaiman's Sandman uses dreamers for servants in his castle.

...lance mounted on the front of the Buick...

That MADE my DAY!!

I swear to you there was an SCP about that at some point, but I cannot find it now.

I dreamed about marching band failure last night. Usually this means that I'm feeling guilty about not putting as much effort into something as I should, but nothing that happened in this one was my fault. I don't know what to think now.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, I wanted to post that too.

Ninja'ed! XD

I spend a lot of time in my dreams trying to get packed, either for a trip or to move.

I deliver papers in my dreams. I also do this in non-dreams, I might mention.

And speaking of delivering papers in non-dreams, because this is just way too cool not to tell you ... I live in SW Colorado in a small city and deliver papers at night in subdivisions and more agricultural areas. I see a lot of wildlife: small rodents; skunks; foxes; rabbits; the occasional hare; porcupines; mule deer; owls; a badger once on a more rural route; elk once on that same route; and I've heard coyotes. Saturday morning at 1:52 a.m. [MST], however, I hit the everlovin' jackpot:


How cool is THAT!!!

Edited at 2012-11-26 09:37 pm (UTC)

Duuuuude. That is awesome!


This guy got caught on camera in the county south of me. Sadly, they're pretty sure it's just a young'un moving through, though there's a very nice wildlife refuge right near there with about 18 bajillion deer he could thin down...

I used to dream about invertebrates when I was sorting mud samples for my masters. Midge larvae and aquatic worms and dragonfly larvae, all swirling around and around and around so I couldn't count them right. That was decidedly un-fun.

During one particularly grueling research paper/project, I had nightmares about Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.

I'm a dream slacker, then--I very rarely dream about work of any kind. I sometimes have weird anxiety dreams about being in school, though I can't imagine how that could possibly be useful for somebody else. Dreaming about being shoved into a play when I haven't adequately read the script, much less memorized my lines, makes much more sense with the suggestion that people in the dream world are basically watching a comedy...

Teacher training with classes whose success doesn't matter?

I've read a book in which any successful author created some kind of dream warp field around themselves, so that first they, and then anyone around them got dreams set in one of that author's books whenever asleep or unconscious. Denizens of main character's dream quickly figured it out and made any "dreamers" do menial jobs. Under the threat of violence.

Also, it was mentioned that if your book is set in fantasy land, you got off easy. One of the characters, a science fiction author - and as his case progressed, his family too - had nightmares about being in space without spacesuit every night.

Oh, and if an author's dream warp was left without proper control, it eventually progressed to the point of making those dreams real.

Edited at 2012-11-26 11:30 pm (UTC)

I'm pretty sure I occasionally get dreams that were meant for someone else, or that I get turned around somehow and end up in someone's ongoing adventure when I'm really not supposed to be there, like the psychic equivalent of walking in on people having sex in the bathroom.

Hey Ursula. I was reading this article on a new book, The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde, and I couldn't help thinking that his institutions, such as The Blessed Ladies of the Lobster, were Ursula-esque enough that I might pick it up and that you might be interested in it, too.

Article: http://io9.com/5963096/jasper-ffordes-first-entry-into-young+adult-fiction-isnt-a-ya-book-at-all

I have zero respect for Jasper Fforde. His work is built entirely on the backs of existing literature, and yet he has the gall to go on anti-fanfic tirades and even shoehorn them into his books.

Good to know, I had no idea.

I actually rarely do anything in my own dreams. The other characters go off and have adventures in space operas or zombie-infested bunkers or color-coded graveyards, and I get to be the omniscient narrator who watches them.

I suspect I may have been recruited for some sort of documentary work.

I think you might have just pinged the system and now the dreambosses are FREAKING OUT that they have been caught out!

I wish i would stop dreaming of suffocating though.

I'm catching up on KUEC (the two-hour one was a bit daunting because I try to not stay at my computer too long).
Chipotle is pronounced chi-pot-lay, not chi-pol-tay.
How do you pronounce "nuclear"?

Poor temp-worker dreamers. Having to go pick up the leftovers. Can you imagine?

Carl: Shiiiiiit, that woman did NOT just leave that dragon alive. Great, now I've got to go do it. Doesn't she know I've got a gym date tonight?

I've had about five dreams since I was laid off in June where I was back working with the same yahoos that made said job a study in workplace hostility.

Sometimes I'm running late and freaking out because I'M LATE! HORRORS! (punctuality is such an ingrained pet peeve of mine some friends have taken to arriving at my house the day before a joint trip just so they don't stress me out because they're chronically late)

However, sooner or later dream Me looks around and says "Wait a goddamned moment here, I'm not working for these people anymore! I don't have to put up with this!" Which is right about when I wake up.

Oh yes! Decades ago I worked a cash register for my paycheck. I'd dream I was at the register, I knew I was at home and dreaming, but dude, the line! The line's forever, gotta get these folks out... Finally one night I snapped. I turned the register key to lock it, pulled it out and threw it, then walked away. I reappeared at the register, and did it again... and again. Then I woke up. After that... if I dream I'm at work I stop it. One time I took a dream hammer and started whaling away at things, that was fun.

Still sometimes have those dreams where I'm trying to figure out how to model or document something, same stupid problem, over and over and over... usually when I'm sick. Blerg!

Putting a lance on the front of my Buick now, just in case!

What was I doing with the prince and the big iron cages and the lance mounted on the front of the Buick if not to slay the dragon?

If it wasn't slaying the dragon,it was probably just as well you did wake up.

Hey! Stop that! That's what my NaNoWriMo novel is about this year. :)

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