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Wordcount:  28100. Only 1900 words to go before I end on a round number and pretend I'm satisfied with what I accomplished!

ETA: 29150! On a roll! Time for lunch!

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Whooo! Round numbers of arbitrariness! Yeah!

At least you wrote *something*! :) Your 30k will be better than my 75k. I've got loads of editing to do.

Hurrah for arbitrary round numbers! They're very satisfying.

"Only if you think round is funny."

< / Raising Arizona>

I'm 1300 words shy of 50K. I'm going to be v. frustrated if I don't make it.

Haha oh man I only got like 6.5k or so done. But I am still satisfied because that 6.5k made the project I was playing with about 200% more coherent.

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