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I hang around the Absolute Write forums on occasion, and there have been odd little Christmas themed graphics going by in one of the ad spaces. Today it was this one, which I loved dearly. I haven’t been able to find an artist, or turn it up in another search–looks vintagey, although the border is obviously modern.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you guys, because it’s AWESOME.


Copyright unknown artist, I guess. If anybody turns up the name, please let me know!

It’s not the Krampus design itself—my buddy Miss Monster’s are way better. (And often plagiarized, more’s the pity.)

No, it’s the kids…

BOY #1: Dude! Hell! Not cool!

GIRL #1: I have something in my eye. Now I’m sad.

KRAMPUS: Gene Simmons got nuthin’ on me!

GIRL #2: Ho hum, dragged to hell again. Hell is so boring this time of year.


Reminds me of those old style saint cards that Catholics give out at random events. (Sort of like the wackier Protestants give out Chick Tracts, I guess, if you want to support bad painters and feel too guilty to actually lecture anyone about anything. There’s a whole subset just for funerals, with the deceased’s stats on the back like a very odd sort of baseball card.)

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I can't wait to see Miss Monster's new Krampus doll she's working on.
I got to see her last DragonCon.

Have you read Brom's latest? "Krampus". With illustrations!!

Yep! http://christmastarot.wordpress.com/bonus/

If anybody doesn't know, google images supports "search by image" now, you can click the little camera icon on the righthand side of the search bar and feed it a URL or upload an image. Kinda neat! Saved me a lot of head-scratching with random internet images. :)

(Deleted comment)
Having been a 'bible baptist' briefly and a catholic before becoming pagan the idea of ChickTracts being compared to saint cards made my eyes cross a bit. I think of Saint cards being more like the Wesley Busts: http://hediedformygrins.blogspot.com/2011/10/john-wesley-busts.html

I have a book about monsters from around the world, and it has plenty of creepy things in it. And yet, the only thing in that book that actually freaks me out a bit is this Krampus mask:

This has nothing to do with anything, except that when I saw it I thought of you :)
(it's a capybara hanging out with a caiman)

Outside St Peter's in Rome we saw an image of Jesus on the cross in that prismatic plastic that gives you different images as you look at it from different angles. One image had the eyes open, the other closed. So as you walked past, the bleeding haggard Christ winked at you.

I know that around this time of year, BPAL and BPTP send out wonderful Krampus themed postcards with their products... I think I have a naughty Krampus one around here somewhere...

Reminds me, I need to wrap up my Christmas card design for this year. I decided to stop wracking my brain for nice things to put on cards and just send out Krampus cards.

There is ALWAYS going to be someone waving to mom on camera, even on the way to hell!

The funeral home did that for my husband.

Being Wiccan, I went with the nature collection, but I still have a stack of cards with his stats and a quote from "our" song.

I thought it was standard practice for funeral homes...

Am I the only one weird out by his two differents feet?
(Yeah I have selective subject of weird, I know. )

I saw that as well. It's like the artist got interrupted and failed to recheck what he did on the first side before doing the second foot. Truly odd.

(Deleted comment)
Given the 15 at the bottom I have a suspicion it is the Devil card from a Tarot deck- which I have never heard of or seen, but I sure would like to. Wow, Germans do have a dark side.

A hoof here, a foot here, who's checking these things? Nobody! :P

...By the way, Ursula, did you notice that in just over one week your LJ will be ten years old? :)

...no. Oh god. I feel a bout of introspection coming on.