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Ten Years of Blogging

So yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of this blog. This one. Right here. Ten years ago, I said “What the heck—nobody’s gonna read it, but might as well.”

Christ, that’s a long time.

In that ten years, I moved—eight times, I think? I have traveled more places than I can easily count, driven across Texas three times, gotten married, gotten divorced, started a webcomic, finished a webcomic, won a Hugo for a webcomic, got an agent, wrote…um…twelve books?…edited thirteen books, sold almost all of the books, painted quite literally thousands of paintings (holy crap, that’s a lot) started a garden, left a garden, started another better garden, bought a house, unbought a house, been depressed, been medicated, been happy, ate canned haggis, sold half a million copies of the Dragonbreath series, had swine flu, back pain, root canals and damaged ankles, had electrodes strapped to my ass for medical reasons, went birding, fell in love, cried a lot, worked at an art supply store, worked on weird crap, adopted cats, was adopted by a beagle, became a meme, read seed catalogs, painted walls, got mad, screamed about politics, screamed about religion, sometimes just screamed, started a podcast, played D&D, started and abandoned untold numbers of projects, got an IUD, contemplated the noble wombat and told tales of defective wildlife and my late grandmother who was probably a demigod.

And you’re still here.

We’ve had some times, haven’t we?

I love you guys. I’m glad you’re here. I have moved too many times in my life and I think some part of me is just from the internet now, rather than being from anywhere geographically located. And if I’m from the internet in general, this blog is my home town.  Without you, it would be a lonely town full of tumbleweeds and the distant baying of feral beagles.

My life has changed so much since I started this blog ten years ago that I can honestly say that this blog is one of the only constants through the entire span, other than…um…my parents. And carbon. Carbon hasn’t changed much. Hell, I even learned to like tomatoes and raw fish.

Other than some books and some art, I don’t think I even have any possessions that have lasted that long. Most of my dishes did not survive the moves and none of the clothes would fit anymore. The stained glass lampshade had an encounter with a heavy box. There’s a crown of thorns my stepfather made out of horseshoe nails, but it’s kept in a box with “WARNING: PUNCTURE DAMAGE POSSIBLE” on the sides, since I have never yet figured out how to display the damn thing (and it’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong.) My ex-husband kept the majority of the furniture. I might still have one good-sized kitchen knife dating more than a decade, but I won’t swear to it.

Oh, an a cow skull. The one cow skull’s been around awhile.

I hope that the next decade is awesome, but perhaps not quite so dramatic. I love my current likfe, and I rather hope it keeps on keepin’ on. However, as long as there is Defective Wildlife in the yard (and Thrush-Bob is still tormenting the cats, yes) and art to be made and paladins to throw into molten hand lotion and a chance of electrodes being strapped to my nether regions for sound medical reasons, I imagine I will keep blogging.

Thank you all for sticking around.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

The earliest post I remember from you was something about hummingbirds. I think you were in Arizona at the time?

I have met fantastic friends through your blog and because of the friendships and Saint Otter I have sailed through Cancer. I saw my Dr today and I am 5 years clear.

Thank You for being YOU.

Now THAT is a fabulous anniversary! Go you!

One of my very best friends in the world (padparadscha, if you want to know) linked me to Metal and Magic when we met in high school eight years ago. I admit I was a tiny bit dubious about some of your Strong Opinions About Very Weird Things, being that I was still a very srs and timid fantasy nerd at the time, but I really dug the art, particularly Gearworld. I discovered your blog a few years later and began following it on and off, then following it avidly, then following it and Digger and all the side projects, then making all my friends read it and Digger and the side projects. Or making them listen to me read them, in the case of my SO, who has been rendered helpless with laughter at many of your annotated fairy tale posts. I've been introduced to so much cool stuff here, from both you and others, and I'd be hard-pressed to name a blog I prefer to read. In this light, here's to a great ten years and a great ten years to come. *clinks glass of pomegranate juice*

*hipster glasses* I knew Ursula before the blog...

No really... a couple cute li'l illustrations.. some comics, tucked away on an obscure website. Good ol' Bob and Squeak... GothBat (the goldfish still gives me a giggle)... The one that really had me hooked was a certain green little chupacabra with a beret and an 'I <3 Goats' t-shirt.

I shall confess I misted up a little regarding Dusty.

Then... all sorts of stuff happened. I got to see other people discovering what a wonderful artist and strange brain there was out there. I got to see the first scribbles of Digger become a glorious epic tale. The 'OMG, I'm an author now what' posts. The 'OMG I'm a POPULAR author now what' posts.

I got to fanboy gleefully at a con, get my Pear's butt signed, and even show Ursula to her own little Kaffeklatch. Squee.

*raises a glass*

To ten more.. no.. a HUNDRED years more!

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Thanks for sharing your life with us, Ursula. I know my little corner of the world is the brighter for it.

Please keep blogging. I have gone away and come back several times to blogging myself and have come to the very same conclusion - blogging and blogs are definitely part of my home. Congratulations on these wonderful ten years and to another ten!

You're certainly the reason I'm still on LiveJournal.

I can only echo others in saying how glad I am that you're here to read.

As a gift, I wish to present you with this small herd of Pudu to protect you from Thrush-Bob and amuse the cats.

Not commented before and only been reading a year or so but I hope you keep it up. I've really enjoyed what I've read and I'm sure that will remain the case.

I don't remember when or why I started following your journal, but I'm still here because, y'know, you're kinda awesome. O:>

Thank you, Ursula, for your posts, your words, your series and your art. Between those four things, you have helped me through the loss of my husband two years ago AND given my son a favorite dragon to cheer for, quote and bug me constantly for pre-orders.

Blessed Be.

Judging from my dA join date, I found your blog in ~2006. Remembering your posts about/through the depression later helped me realize that it wasn't normal to be sad and freaked out all the time, and that it was ok to go to the brain doc to talk about it.

Also I've frequently laughed until my eyes watered and been introduced to a whole world of frozen food items and the exploits of beagles, so there's that too.

We love you, Urs. <3

Hooray! Here's to the next ten years!

We love you too, Ursula. You've made the lives of a lot of people (and a significant quantity of defective wildlife) measurably better, often by providing an example, sometimes just by giving us a laugh at a critical moment, and I for one will keep reading your blog as long as you keep posting on it to keep that measurable improvement in my life.

*\o/* <--Pompoms for you!