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Fake Christmas Tree

Bob the hamster was pleased with his new Christmas tree. It didn’t drop needles, it wasn’t a fire hazard, and it didn’t look fake like all those cheap plastic ones.

It did wander off occasionally, but it always came back when he filled the food dish.

I am feeling in a surprisingly Christmassy mood, so I thought I’d do this. Merry Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, and if you’d like to duplicate the image on your blog, feel free!

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Now that's a tree I would love to put up!

(Deleted comment)
What's it eat, with teeth like that?

Those are totally gnawing teeth. Like a rodent's. I'm gonna guess *trees*.

"The only problem Bob discovered with his new tree was that it pooped on the presents under it"

That's about the cutest thing i've seen all day, and I tell you what, I've been looking at puppy photos. :D

Thanks! Just what I needed. :-)

(Deleted comment)
It missed "Tea with the Black Dragon"? R A MacAvoy will be disappointed.

So much cute!!! I hope you make prints available, or (even better) ornaments. I know so many people who need Festive Christmas Dinosaur Tree ornaments!

I do kindof wonder what Bob the hamster does with his "tree" the rest of the year though.

Hopefully not what we do. I'd hate to think of that cute dino disassembled and put in boxes in the basement....

Oh my gosh that is adorable!