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Rareseeds.com will be the death of me. Also, they have their new seed catalog out.

After several very pleasant evenings spent laying in bed and circling things, I finally narrowed it down to about a dozen.

Ask me if I have room for a dozen new vegetables. Ask me. Go on.

No. Obviously not.

But I did manage to score a half-dozen half-whiskey barrels for $10 a pop at an end of season thing, so I have someplace to grow some of the veggies. I am terribly smug. They had dried out and looked ratty and loose, but you soak ‘em and the wood swells and they’re happy again.

My list:

Good Mother Stallard beans — Oh my god, will you LOOK at these things?

Hidatsa Red beans – It says they’re rugged and 3 feet tall. We will see.

Rattlesnake Pole bean — Good for hot humid areas, apparently.

Miniature White cucumber – says it’ll work in containers. I am skeptical, but I can try. My Mexican miniature sour gherkins got et by worms last year and mostly scrambled without producing a lot of fruit, so I’m auditioning another cucumber. The Parisian pickling cuke remains a staple.

“Tigger” melon — It’s so PRETTY!

Lincoln pea – “Wando” is my go-to at the moment, since it gets hot fast here, but I’ll give Lincoln a shot. Fourscore and seven peas ago…

Fish Pepper – This one looked too interesting to pass up, and Kevin wanted a hot pepper. (Not that we won’t wind up buying Anaheim and jalapeno starts next spring anyway.)

Jewel Peach nasturtium — I learn from my mistakes occasionally. These are supposed to be dwarf nasturtiums!

Tall trailing nasturtium — I don’t learn that well.


And I’ve got a Parisian carrot and a white beet and “Bull’s Blood” beets and a couple others hanging out from a previous order, and some carrots and sweet peas from a trade, plus scarlet runner beans and “Wando” peas I saved myself so…uh…five whiskey barrels just need to hold…err…three types of plant apiece…and the one pot that was going to hold the pepper when the annual coreopsis died, except it’s not dying, so, uh….and I need to be able to plant about ten basil plants because we had such a lousy harvest last year…

Yeah, I’m screwed.

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Plant triffid seeds next year, they're loads of fun!

Wait, did you get the half barrels locally or from the catalog? Because I'd *love* some half barrels.

Raided Lowes. They'll have more in spring. These are actually from the Jack Daniels distillery.

Aaaaaaaaah, thank you. I'll have to check at ours then! Although given that we're quite a bit north, if they had those at all, they've probably offloaded them already here.

you know that plastic storage containers also make nice planting bins too. they last about as long as those half barrels in my experience and cost less. and come in a bigger variety of shapes. Just do not get clear ones. OMG UV does horrible horrible HORRIBLE things to that plastic. it will become brittle and self destruct in a month in a really sunny location.

anyway i fill like two to three inches of the bottom of the plastic bin with lava rock. and poke holes just above them. this makes a nice self watering type reservoir. I also put in a two liter bottle with PIN pricks. (anything bigger and it just wastes the effort) which can be used to slow water the soil at a deeper level. you put like maybe 6 to 8 pin pricks around the part of the bottle where it just starts to curve at the bottom. then use a funnel and fill it for hot or really dry days. it lets the water slowly soak into the surrounding soil that way.

Last year, I read an article on Mother Earth News' website about how you can grow tomatoes indoors over winter in a south facing window (I have one of those!), so I brought in half a dozen tomatoes that I'd already planted in huge containers, and 5 of them died, and the 6th never produced a single freaking tomato. Lesson learned, right?


Right before the first frost, I was out in my garden, and noticed that I had two tiny little tomato plants (we suffered a major drought this year) with blooms and unripe fruit on them. I was going to pick the fruit and let it ripen on my counter, and then I thought, Why not just bring the whole plant inside? Maybe the fruits will vine ripen and taste better, and when the fruits are done, I'll compost the plants without feeling a bit guilty. I dug up both little plants and stuck them together in one 10" pot. That was almost 3 months ago. They're still producing fruit! One is a cherry tomato and the other is an Amish Paste. Both look sickly and sad, and there is a handful of green tomatoes and almost a dozen blooms between the two of them right now.

You know the old saying about a battle plan never surviving first contact with the enemy? Yeah.

Baker Creek is one of my favourite catalogs (along with Adaptive Seeds, Nichols, and Carol Deppe's seed list). I just got my order <3

My new bean to try this year is Streamline Runner, and I got 3 tomatoes and a pepper (because P is going through a "I want salsa on EVERYTHING" phase): Sub Arctice Plenty, Moskvitch, and Black Prince tomatoes and Tam Jalapenos.

I got bonus Love in a Mist, which I haven't grown in years and love <3

I'm going to be hitting up a couple of the local fast food joints for 5 gallon buckets, to turn into container gardening pots. Muahaha.

And with a chuckle of evil glee, I note I live about 20 min away from one of rareseeds.com retail stores.