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New Old Calendar!

I got the Old Farmer's Almanac calendar this year, to replace 365 days of Songbirds, and having put it up today (a day early, fine) I have already learned several exciting things. And the writing is positively lyrical. There is a note informing me that

At New Year's tide
The days lengthen a cock's stride.

and on the 26th, the cryptic phrase:
Full Wolf Moon

The full moon eats clouds.

Then it segues into how Ben Franklin introduced kohlrabi to America. I have never actually read the Old Farmer's Almanac, but I am starting to think that I have been missing out all these years, if this is the sort of thing you get!

(I am also irresistibly reminded of the Flathead Calendar from the Zork Zero packaging, which included such delights as "Pac Moon." The number of people who get that reference are vanishingly small, but a surprising percentage, I would wager, read this blog.)

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!! And the month of Frobuary (originally called Fidooshiary until it was purchased and renamed by the Frobozz Magic Month Company).

... man, now I have to call my parents and see if they still have my old copy of Zork Zero.

Full "Wolf" moon - second full moon of winter

See this article for a good writeup on it.
It also relates the original meaning of "blue moon" before it got mangled. </p>


OMG, a (corner of a) Hollerith card! Great Apollo, what memories that brings back.

I wish there were still a way to play Infocom games. If you know of any (besides owning a very old computer), please let me know.

If you mean MS-DOS then it's DosBox. http://www.dosbox.com/

No, I have a Mac. Thanks, though.

So you get to use Boxer, then. (Boxer is a gorgeous OSX front-end for DosBox.)

Also, if you're an iOS user, Activision just a few weeks ago released a Lost Treasures of Infocom collection; search the app store for Infocom and it ought to turn up. Zork I is free, other stuff is pay.

(Or as dranon mentioned, find an interpreter. And play games by Andrew Plotkin and Emily Short, while you're at it. :)

If you have the original game files, all you need is an interpreter. Scroll down to the "What to get" section and pick one that sounds good. There are lots of people making new games these days, too.

You can download the Zork Trilogy or play it in Flash.

I was extremely happy for a few minutes until I tried to play one of the games. I'm on the latest (and greatest?) Mac software version, and the Classic environment is no longer supported. Sigh. I'll look for an emulator. But thanks for the link!

Try looking at http://www.gog.com/!

They have the Zork games at least, and may have others if you search for individual titles. I have been super pleased with them for my Windows computer, and they've just added a Mac section.

Mini vMac is a great OS 6 / 7 emulator that runs wonderfully on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Love and Luck to you and Kevin for the New Year!

(Did the Regret arrive safe? If it opened, it could be classed as HazMat.)

It arrived and Kevin loves it. Much to his personal detriment.

Ha! My suspicion was right! (It's horrifically hot sauce)

...Pac Moon. Excellent.

My preferred almanack: http://books.google.com/books/about/Poor_H_Allen_Smith_s_Almanac.html?id=CivJGAAACAAJ Poor H.Allen Smith's Almanac
Especially the goat story.
And the horoscopes.
And the gardening with fish
And the gardening with corn oil.
You'd appreciate the latter two, if nothing else.

But I suspect you'd appreciate most of it. The man was a fruitcake.

Oh my goodness, I would have given anything to have a Flathead Calendar. (Though my personal tastes lead me to prefer Zork Grand Inquisitor...)

I saw this and I think you would love to see it :D


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