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Can’t Sleep, Con Will Eat Me

I’m in frantic con-prep mode, which is why I’m not saying anything much of interest here. Prints. God, I hate running prints. (Actually, I don’t mind the printing so much as FIGHTING WITH THE PRINTER GRAH KILL SMASH INK!)

But in theory I will be ready for Further Confusion. If the printer holds out. I have about fifteen paintings/LE prints to go to the art show, and while I’d like to do one or two more small pieces, that’s not a bad sized show for me.

I am alternating printing with building a large raised bed in the back yard (the last of the main beds! After this it’s all carving out little chunks from the woods and along the fence line!) This involves moving rather heavy concrete blocks, so I try only to move ten or fifteen before taking a break so my back doesn’t a-splode.

This bed is for veggies. Only for veggies. No interesting other plants. Except maybe a spleenwort tucked in the cracks near the bottom on the shady side. That would be okay. And I could do a trailing partridgeberry. But only veggies on top. Seriously. I MEAN IT.

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I like the name "spleenwort".

I shall see you there! I too live the dream of humming printers and the dreaded matcutter.

Oh hey thanks for reminding me it's time for FC prep. One box of twenty Tarot decks and sixteen copies of Rita (it's what fit in the space of four decks), and I think I'm ready to ship the bulk of my stuff to the hotel because hauling 30 pounds of stuff to the airport on the bus is a terrible idea.

Total sympathy on fighting with the printer. How many emergency trips to get more ink have you had to make so far?

See you at the con!

If I may ask, what kind of printer do you use? I'm making tentative forays into selling my art and printing at home sounds much more economical than taking things to a printer.

Epson r1900. It's a workhorse of a printer. Ink costs as much as blood, but the printer's rock solid.

I finally made up my mind and I'm going to FC.
Oh, I got a hotel reservation back in June, but I was laid off from my nifty job at the advertising agency in July, so I was unsure about going.
I missed FC last year, so I missed seeing all the people I never get to see otherwise. Plus, you're gonna be there and I want to meet you in person. :)
You will know me by my excessive height and aouuutrageous French accent.
(And by the badge that says "Zrath" on it)

We don't criticize because we love you, but we don't believe that bed will have only vegetables. On another paw, we will all laugh ourselves sick when you tell us about it.

Edited at 2013-01-08 11:35 pm (UTC)

Will you be able to grow carrots and daikons now? Don't forget, you need to make that altar for the Daikon Spirit.

I envy you being able to garden in January. Up here in the Frozen North we have to wait for the spring thaw.

Yeah, I had a minor heart attack last week when I went out and tried to find a place to cut some mats for me for the show and I got quoted nearly $50 for a single mat. So I now somehow have a mat cutter and will be trying to cut them myself!

Speaking as someone who used to do custom framing for a living... that's about right.

The secret is to make your prints standard sizes. 8x10, 11x14, 16x20. Pre-cut mats are a LOT cheaper than custom. Frames are that size too, and the mats will usually conveniently 'size up' to the next standard size. Most mats are acid-free these days, so that's not a worry (good to check, though)

Custom-cut mats and frames should be done only for when you want a piece to be absolutely the best it can be. In those cases, the price of the matting and framing is added to the price of the piece.

Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT let someone sell you 'museum' glass, unless it is literally a museum piece. 'Conservation clear' is just as good, and will not be destroyed if someone touches it. Which someone will.

Good luck! You can do it! @ veggies (mostly) only!

Bloodwort. It's kinda a vegetable... it's edible, anyway. And it's cool looking.

It's a rampaging thug down here, alas.

Go to Audible. Look up Jenny Lawson's book "Let's pretend this never happened". Download and listen to the story of a Childhood filled with taxidermy, poisonous well water, and all the gracious absurdity of a poor west texas family that is frankly bat shit insane. Let the gentle strains of the authors voice carry you above the con prep and into a land of dead squirrel puppets and high school cow impregnation trauma.

Ok so possibly not comforting but certainly removed from your current kurfluffle.

My West Texas upbringing is clearly missing something incredibly amusing. I must buy this book.

Yay! Hope to see you there!

Hmmm... I may have to drag you to the Klingon Party. I shall be bringing my YuJ again this year.

I find veggies to be the most interesting, anyway! I pay a lot more attention to things I can stuff in my mouth, apparently.

I so heart your icon. Phineas and Ferb rock so hard.


Looking forward to the trip. I'm at the St. Claire, since the Marriott filled so fast and fuck Hilton. Hoping to hit a couple of the museums while I'm there for variety. And the IMAX at The Tech Museum is showing "The Hobbit," so that's another option.