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Monster Doodle

Hello, ladies…


…I go by Wiggles. Mister Wiggles.

It is much too nasty out to do anything but huddle under the electric blanket, watch shows about Neanderthals, and doodle. This started as a jackalope, but then he got his own ideas.

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That's appallingly cute.

Is it a wombalope? Antabat?

He needs a monogrammed plush red dressing gown.

Oh he had one, it's just on the floor now.

That's not a string tied around his middle digit, is it?

Neanderthals certainly could have used electric blankets, I'm sure. Senior Wiggles is very cool.

He seems rather like he could have been Stitch's relative in some distant part of the galaxy. Less "Freewheeling chaos and destruction", more "leaving a trail of bemused and slightly befuddled sapients behind him at every port".

Glad I wasn't the ony one who immediately thought of Stitch. (:

It's the heavy-lidded sideways glance that really sells him to me. :)

Yeah, I can second that. I can also imagine the plush robe previously mentioned puddled around his feet. lol :)

Love this guy; he looks like somebody who'd be put in charge of making mysterious noises under kids' beds at night. He'd take a kind of laid-back pride in his job, content in the knowledge that 3am bed-wetting terror is one of those things that Childhood is all about.

Just listened to one of your & Kevin's KUAC eps, btw (#104?) and dear GODS but I want to see how you'd draw a Service Wombat. Just saying. :D

"I'm the monster under the bed your monster under the bed could smell like."

I like him. He looks as if he knows his way around a tea shop, just don't touch the teapots without asking first.

Why, hello there Mister Wiggles.

Is it just me, or does he have blue eyes?

That may just be the light reflecting off the spinning mirror ball.

Wiggles, Mister Wiggles a fantasy James Bond! A satyrical version of course.

I have no idea what he is, but he's adorable. XD

Well since nobody else stooped to it:

He looks... ...horny.

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