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I was following an online conversation where someone was complaining (not without justice!) that people were much more interested in beer than in conservation.

My solution to this is to combine the two.


The Kirtland’s Warbler is endangered as all get out, breeds only in jack pine forests in Michigan, and is believed to number some 5000 individuals. On the bright side, that’s a lot more than there used to be and conservation efforts seem to be helping a lot.

This was a quick silliness, but if you really must have a print, far be it from me to stop you…

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Someone needs to actually brew a batch to use this label. Make it A Thing.

Actually, I was thinking along the lines of Kevin & Ursula doing some home-brewing....

The beer/conservation intersection is clearly an under-served market. Heck, my dad goes out with his birding buddies for hours in the early morning, and then gets very excited about the beer for lunch -- the market is there! I'm sure of it!

Obviously being all artsy and literary and creative, and being a gardener, and a birder, aren't enough for you.

You need to open a microbrewery!

Oh man, this makes me wish there was a rum label with Cartagena's unofficial bird (the mariamulata, apparently commonly known in English as the great tailed grackle as far as I can glean).

Anyway, I would totally buy a beer whose proceeds went to a good cause like conservation and had a sweet label like this to inform me of that. .

I would TOTALLY drink that.

~facepalm~ And now in my head, The Goat & Spoon is also a microbrewery.
Damn, I wish I had that Hospitality degree...

The Kirtland’s Warbler is endangered as all get out, ... is believed to number some 5000 individuals.

Down my way we have some really endangered species, for example the Black Robin was down to 5 in 1980, and is now up to about 250 birds. Some spectacular work by Don Merton and his team went into getting them back to something approaching viability. NZ Post issued a stamp commemorating the female ("Old Blue") that single handedly brought them back from the brink when she eventually died, aged 14.

There are some interesting notes about what constitutes a minimum viable population in the Wikipedia article...

Love the poster, by the way!

That is one helluva success story! Go, robins!

See, the way I read this is that the Warbler is being preserved. In beer.

I don't really like beer at the best of times and I don't think this would help any.

May I pimp this to my many birder friends?

Duck Equis
St. Pipit Girl

That bird looks so happy. :)

Hmmm... I've been wanting to get back into brewing; I may just have to do this-- IPAs are a favorite of mine. Maybe with some East Kent Golding or Columbus hops, ooohh.....

Wow, tricky habitat. If I remember right Jack Pines only propagate after a forest fire has cleared the area.

Even worse, they have to be young jack pines and at least 150 acres of them. It's a ridiculously specialized bird.

All giggles and truly brilliant inspirations aside, I really do so admire how you give animal appendages handlike attributes without making them look like hands.

This is an excellent idea...

I have a friend who is touring Latin America right now... and one of his major observations is that beer is the major icebreaker for most of everything south of the Rio Grande, all the way down to where he is in south Argentina right now. People seem wary of strangers, until they've accepted a beer. The drink suddenly converts them to family, and they open up.