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I was following an online conversation where someone was complaining (not without justice!) that people were much more interested in beer than in conservation.

My solution to this is to combine the two.


The Kirtland’s Warbler is endangered as all get out, breeds only in jack pine forests in Michigan, and is believed to number some 5000 individuals. On the bright side, that’s a lot more than there used to be and conservation efforts seem to be helping a lot.

This was a quick silliness, but if you really must have a print, far be it from me to stop you…

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It may just be my insane businessman side, but I can totally see one of the less serious-minded micro-breweries going for a whole line of these.

I mean, when you consider some of the offerings already out there....

Add in the conservation angle, and I bet you could get at least some serious interest...


Seems like there are a few brew companies already inclined to conservation and environmental action...

Interesting, no?

Great Ganesh, I love this so much. I don't even drink, but I'd probably buy a case of these for my alcoholically inclined friends. I must, however, point out that the umlaut goes over the a in bräu, despite the multitudes of American beer reviewers who write reviews with it over the u.

Sadly, I have just learned this!

Sigh. Will fix tomorrow...

Love this! I was privilaged to see one of these guys at Point Pelee a couple years back. They had a ranger guarding it as there were lots and lots of excited birders. It was a real rock star moment!

I had to send this IMMEDIATELY to one of my homebrewing conservation grad student buddies.

Apropos of nothing... I read this, and I thought you could appreciate it, Ursula: http://notalwaysright.com/gonna-bay-for-it-now/26844


*wipes away tears of laughter*

I used to have a beagle. I thoroughly sympathize with that owner!

I am very fond of beagles, but mostly because thus far all the beagles I've met have belonged to someone else.

If you do a label for a porter, I will totally buy it and put it on my next homebrew. It's going to be a dark cherry porter of deliciousness and I would love to dedicate it to whatever endangered critter you feel appropriate.

Hell, if you want, I'll design a line of beer just for you. Not IPA, though, since I don't like beer that hops on its own.

*grin* I'm sure we could work something out! Porter, huh? You know, the Parula Warbler is a gorgeous bird...


I would totally drink this.

On a side note, sorry if I was a spaz at FC. I was running on little sleep and lots of stress as my SO had surgery that weekend as well. :P Normally I try not to be so obnoxious!

You were a spaz? I totally didn't notice, so no worries! And I hope the SO is recovering well!

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I just like this, the bird is really cute, and it's just...really appealing. But, what got me to come back and comment on this was the chest feathers. I'm working on a pic of a critter that's part hummingbird and rendered lots chest and head feathers, and here is your little bird chest that looks so simple and SO RIGHT. O.O