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I was following an online conversation where someone was complaining (not without justice!) that people were much more interested in beer than in conservation.

My solution to this is to combine the two.


The Kirtland’s Warbler is endangered as all get out, breeds only in jack pine forests in Michigan, and is believed to number some 5000 individuals. On the bright side, that’s a lot more than there used to be and conservation efforts seem to be helping a lot.

This was a quick silliness, but if you really must have a print, far be it from me to stop you…

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Oh man, this makes me wish there was a rum label with Cartagena's unofficial bird (the mariamulata, apparently commonly known in English as the great tailed grackle as far as I can glean).

Anyway, I would totally buy a beer whose proceeds went to a good cause like conservation and had a sweet label like this to inform me of that. .

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