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Before anyone says anything, yes, this would make a good series!

Which means that I’ll do Orange next week, Yellow a year from now, and probably be finishing Violet on my deathbed.


Meanwhile, for those who are curious, there are eleven animals in this picture: Red Panda, Rhode Island Red Rooster, European Red Squirrel, Northern Cardinal, Red Milk-Snake, Red-Crested Cardinal, Ladybug, Scarlet Tanager, Strawberry Poison Frog, Tomato Frog and Red Ramshorn Snail. I am particularly pleased with the rooster’s expression. Guess he’s not much of a hugger.

The only problem with such a series is that the only ones with mammals will be Red, Orange, and Yellow, unless I fudge it really hard and put in a blauubuck. (A blue whale might make scale problematic…) Even the mossy sloths aren’t THAT mossy. Oh well…

Prints available, as always!

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I adore this graphic. I really adore that your Red Milk-Snake is wearing a fez. That just completely makes it for me. :) Because fezzes are cool.

I adore your icon!

...and I love the art too. But your Icon is genius!

There's the blue roan - which is a colour of horse ...

Or a Russian Blue, which is a breed of cat. They are actually grey, but that's about as blue as mammals get.

Waiting for the inevitable movie version of "Reptiles: Extremely Dangerous."

Warren Ellis, For the WIN!

you'd have to fudge a bit but here, have a blue roan horse... http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m90lthaXjv1qc5pbdo1_500.jpg

now what you are gonna do with purple and green I am not terribly sure but... in any case... Helping! sort of

There are lavender point siamese cats, and they really are purplish.

I've seen a cat which was entirely lavender, but I don't know whether there are any recognized purebred lavender cats.

The milk snake's hat makes this, just so's you know.

There are cats and dogs that are blue enough to participate, and no one would fault you for making a sloth even mossier for this purpose.

Also, the blue duiker would work really well.

Oh nice. :D I especially like the little fez on the snake XD

Hmm, for green, it's true you don't have mammals, but you have a ton of birds, toads, snakes, butterflies, and other insects (grasshoppers, those metalic-green scarabs, etc)

For blue, you could use a Russian Blue cat? :3 And I know there are blue parrots, blue insects(dragonflies, butterflies), and other blue birds. (as well as, y'know, bluebirds. XD;;; And bluejays).

Purple I think is pretty much butterflies and birds and maybe some frogs? Unless you did dinosaurs or something original. (what, dinosaurs had feathers! Well, some of them)

Blue: Or what about an all-black or all-white cat with blue eyes? And that type of baboon they had in Lion King had a reeaaaally blue nose. (and also red, but I've found some pics of that type of baboon with predominantly blue and little red)

According to Professor Google, mammals with partial blue coloration tend to have it on their scrota >_>

I think that makes them better candidates for Ursula's art, not worse...

Green monkey is sort of greenish. And rather bright blue is easily found among the mammals... though not the whole animal, only a specific part of the males. :D

I have a lovely Blue Andalusian rooster named Butch. He is a rat bastard, but he is a gorgeous blue-grey.

You could do a black & white one. Not that there's any reason I would want that. <whistles innocently>

Or just put things in colored light. Zebras look really nice in blue, for instance.

Oh, and tamanduas are at least sometimes slightly purple.

Very nice! I think I'd go mad trying to work in that subtle of a variation of colors (I started to say monochrome but it isn't really)

It's not so bad once you get adjusted--the trick is to pick the colors out of the painting. Even the white highlights are drab pink, but once I had them down on the red panda, I just kept pulling swatches from there instead of trying to recreate them over and over. The Painter color wheel makes it MUCH easier.

Roosters and peacocks can work for purple or green. Although now I have a mental image of a bunch of small animals (lizards maybe?) painting a white horse and claiming that they're making a My Little Pony. Or maybe a confused platypus looking at a nest of various colored eggs, with a mockingbird hiding nearby and snickering.

For violet, the first thing I think of is janthina janthina, the violet sea snail, then Purple Martins, purple finches, butterflies, beetles, and then consulting my favorite search engine I come up with Flabellina pedata the violet sea slug, purple fish, purple gecko, indigo snake, purple octopus...

I feel like blue has to be an underwater scene anyway, so the trick would be to have the Blue Whale far in the distance (in the "sky" of the seascape).

Or to have it making a bit appearance -- that is, only show one of its bits. ;) Fin or fluke, probably.