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Rough Seams goes to e-bay!

And you can bid on him!

(I have no idea what to charge, so am setting it at covers materials/won’t make me cry bitter tears.)

Just to re-iterate, I am new to this and he is going to be somewhat fragile as a result. This is art, not something to hand to the kids or let the cat drag around. (I wouldn’t sell him if I didn’t think he was durable enough to ship, pet, or sit on a shelf and look cute, but I feel obligated to say something because…well…it looks like a toy, and people make assumptions…)

Meanwhile, I am almost at the sewing stage on the next one!

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I.. you.. wow.. Ok... I may have suddenly come up with a new RPG concept...

Provide your players with a choice of cute stuffed animals. Inform them they must craft their plushie for battle, to defend the tribe. Give them some time, of course, and possibly the address of the nearest JoAnn's/Michael's...

Character sheets are felt, with little hearts and other symbols stitched on...

... oh god. it could work. it would be adorable.

I would play this. I would love to play this.

Gawd, I can't stop pondering ideas for this game! They use buttons as currency! The healer class is known as a Stitcher! The.. everything! IT WORKS TOO WELL!

*furiously scribbles notes*

Check out "Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men" where your sheet is an actual cookie!

Oh, no. What happens when you absentmindedly eat your character sheet?

As your character takes damage, you roll a hit location and eat that part?

I think there's a "Something Positive" comic on these lines.

I love it, and would have bid, but it was exactly at my limit.

Remember, people, this is Ursula #1. That has got to add to its value in future years.

Aww 'm surprised you could part with him. I hope he goes to a good home, unfortunately not mine as vet bills mean my budget is severely limited.

Hey Ursula why hasn't one of these porcupines shown up on your blog yet? I saw that youtube video and the first thing I thought was "this looks like something Ursula would draw hanging from a tree and kvetching at someone"

Hee, I knew where that was going to link as soon as I read "kvetching"! I do think that he is a natural fit for Ursula's style. (For anyone going to the link, skip to 3:50 for the actual porcupine part. The sounds he makes!)

I saw the price before the picture loaded, and thought 'how on earth can a toy warrant a price like that?' - and then the picture loaded. I was gobsmacked and babbled incoherently for some thirty seconds - he is utterly amazing and worth every penny - and then some - of his price. And ogods do I wish I had a few hundred (or even thousand) dollars I could lay down on such an outstanding piece of art.

Just - wow.

I have actually acquired an e-bay account so I can bid.

$300 already!
I kind of wish I could afford to bid, but I think someone else needs it more than I.

Hopefully, you won't see his as spam...

Have you seen this 3D pen project that was started on Kickstarter today?

I saw your tweet asking about sources for fake fur, but I have a protected account so I couldn't really reply. I've used www.mendels.com a couple times now. They have high-quality furs, and they'll send you swatches for free, so you can see what you're getting. Minimum order is 1/2 yard, but they also have remnants and grab bags. I made a fox tail out of some of their "punky muppet" fur, and it's so much nicer than the JoAnne stuff. Very soft and lush and silky.

That reminds me. If you ever want real sheepskin, American Science and Surplus consistently had the edges of sheep hides (long, wavery pieces only a few inches wide). At least, had as of a few years ago. And they're cheap, because they're the leftovers from ...um, glove-making, I think.

AS&S has a LOT of stuff that will make any crafter worthy of their hot melt gun drool. If memory serves, the sheepskins are under the heading of 'lambie leftovers'.


Looks like they may be out at the moment. Lots of good chunks o' leather, tho.

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