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Pludwump, Leader of the Wool-Tribe

Overheard in the encampment of the Moon-Stuffing Clan, Year of the Potato:

“Look, I’m telling you, there is something weird about Wool-Tribe.”

“Dude, don’t be racist. Just because they’re not like us—”

“I’m not being racist. I’m not saying they’re weird because they’re stuffed sheep, I’m saying they’re weirdos who happen to be stuffed sheep. It would still be weird behavior even if they were chickens or teddy-bears or woolly mammoths or something.”

“Well, fine, maybe they’re a little odd, but they let us pass through their territory, which is more than you can say for some of the other tribes.”


“Is this about their shaman? Because shamans don’t count. All shamans are nuts. Our shaman is nuts.”

“It’s not about their shaman. Frankly, it’s their chief. I think there’s something really wrong with him.”

“Pludwump? There’s nothing wrong with him.”

“Says you.”

“Maybe he’s a berserker, did you think of that? Do you have something against berserkers?”

“He is not a berserker. My mother was a berserker, okay? I have no problem with berserkers! Whatever’s wrong with him, it’s not that.”

“Well then, what is it?”

“….I dunno, man. Something about the eyes…”


My latest horrifying creation!


Pludwump has Seen Things in his time as Chief. Things you can't imagine. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THINGS.


He doesn’t even want to be chief. In Wool-Tribe, whoever picks the short straw is in charge.


(Okay, this isn’t a clever line, I’m just proud of his back feet.)

My latest foray into art dolls, Pludwump, Chief of the Wool-Tribe! He’s 8 inches tall, 12 inches long, 11 inches wide, and came out a little more rotund than expected. (I’m still learning how to design these bodies)

Sewing his little dreadlocks on and stringing beads on them was way too much fun. And now there is pink fur EVERYWHERE. (He's pretty huggable, though.)

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.




Clearly, the pecking order of artistic taste is made obvious by this exchange.

The order, yes, but I can't really tell which way is up and which way is down. *tilts head*

Not that it matters. This thing makes me smile SO. MUCH.

This is your paintings brought into the world.

What have you done?!

It is amazing and full of...um, personality! Yeah that's it. :D

I think he's saying, "HELP! I'M PINK!" O:D

Definitely something about the eyes, but the mouth/nose area bugs me more. it's not one of your more comfortable creations... but then again, there's something to be said for some kinds of not being comfortable. (First seeing 'it's krasue!' when pregnant was NOT one of them. That was nightmare-building wrongness. This isn't.)

When i was a young girl, i got randomly fascinated by sheep and lambs. I almost want to bid for this just because of that. (I haven't any money.)

The mouth looks like it's been sewn shut?

Holy crap. All that lead up and then those eyes! And the fur, that makes the eyes look tame. No, actually the pink fur does not help to tone down the eyes at all. There might be something subtly off about that one.

Ye gods and little fishes! He is PINK. Disturbingly pink.

Heck, _I'm_ scared of him.

I think I've seen something like that up around Sellafield... although the expression is exactly like a welsh sheep.

"It's still moving!"


Some years ago I remember seeing some plushy called a Worry Bird. He was this gray, fluffy bird with a shortish bill and big eyes (This was years before I ever saw Psyduck). The copy for the Worry Bird was that "he does all your worrying for you." You pat him on the head, tell him your problems, and go about your day while he sits there and... worries. That seemed to be the idea, anyway.

Someone (or maybe a lot of someones) has been telling Pludwump their problems... ;)

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I had to look it up.
Yay Internet!

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This would be a great conversation-starter in any home. It would also work well as a centre-piece for a very disturbing fundraiser. I can just hear it now....

Oh he's glorious, I wish he were mine!

(Deleted comment)
I was trying to put this into words, thankyou for doing it for me!