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Pludwump Visits E-bay

It’s cool. He’s just on e-bay. E-bay’s fine. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH PLUDWUMP.

(View auction HERE)

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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(Deleted comment)
There have been no reliable witnesses!

at least, none left now. Right?

oh sweetie, were I employed NO ONE would have him but me. God I want.

Ursula, my dear, wonderful Ursula, I love you. I really do. One of these days I'll be able to get to a con you are at so I can hug you and thank you for all the giggling you have brought to me since my husband died. That's two.five years now and I appreciate every single moment.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

That deserves to go viral, really it does...

Okay, I got cought in the spam trap there, prolly didn't like the link.

Anyway, pludwump looks as if he's a case for the psychatry for cuddletoys. Google parapluesch for more info

Oh lord if I wasnt saving for a holiday.....I would SO be in a bidding war with Reece on this.

"Pludwump never blinks, and may possibly be a defense against Weeping Angel attack. No warranty expressed or implied."

I died. DIED. Yes. Proper nerdy. I approve immensely (says the girl who just got back from the Doctor Who con in LA.)

I am a little disturbed by e-bays system showing people who bout this also bought these other things. The auction hasn't closed yet so no one has had a chance to actually buy Pludwump. Now if it had said people who bid on this item also bought (X) or people who bid on this also bid on these other things it would make sense. E-bay you are being judged, and I have yet another reason to continue to boycott you.

You just broke my brain...

I just kinda went ugh huh, and then the light bulb clicked on a few seconds later.

This little one one looks like something out of "The Dark Crystal."

Judging by the bidding war going on, I'd say Pludwump is plenty popular!

I love your work --
long time lurker, and very much enjoyed Digger
and especially Dnd stories from your crew
and wondered
(because I just stumbled upon it myself via Steam)
if you'd heard of articy:draft SE? it's a gamemaker etc?
I just downloaded the 30 day free trial as I've been looking for something useful and
this just pretty much knocked my mismatched socks off -- granted
I've only just barely scratched the surface
as I have only spent about an hour playing with it
but just now I thought you might enjoy it if you hadn't already seen it
and figured what the hell, might as well leave a bit of a note :)
Anyway, regards and much love and all that
and much luck with Pludwump! :D

I'm so glad the price is going up and up! He's adorable!

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