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Quippet Goes To Ebay

…surely there are no cruel reindeer on E-bay.

Visit him HERE!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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Best eBay posting text EVER

Not even going to try and lie, I am tempted to register as 'ACruelReindeer' on ebay just so I can bid and send Quippet in paroxysms of terror.

Wahahaha! Twice the delight in eBay comments!

OH GOD THANK YOU! YOU KNOW WHY! Okay... I just am... wow. Chuffed and rolled in batter. Honey, thank you. I am.... speechless with a side of bacon. He is so beautiful. I am... so warm inside. Thank you for pouring cocoa and marshmallows on my soul. I sent you a letter. Thank you sunshine.

*grin* I am thrilled that I could help brighten your day, and also I am totally stealing "speechless with a side of bacon."

*grins* I love him. Gah. RABU RABU RABU!

I am quite proud of speechless with a side of bacon. by all means, steal away. :D

I want Quippet so badly...

I want to introduce him to my friendly reindeer, and have them hang out together, drinking tea and talking about escaping abusive herds. I want to make Quippet little hats to wear, to keep his voices happy. I want to share his happy voices.

Well, to be more precise, I want him to share his voices with me, to drown out the negative ones. I also want to hear the poem. I can teach that voice to write limericks.

Either that or I need to find a way to get hold of some faces & hooves and make some herdmates of his myself!

"On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog. Or a reindeer."

Alas I cannot afford Quippet. But I would TOTALLY bid on his voices.

Do not store Quippet with the Christmas decorations unless you have a long talk with him first.

My cats would like to have a word with you. After they finally come out from under the bed.

I'm beginning to believe that there's a market for "supportive inner voice" CDs.

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