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Curse You, Brain!

So I decided I need to make a resin head for this thing, and I’m gonna start by making a sporran, because the stole involves too much material and I want a dry run first with the head design.

And then I was like “I need to sit down and sculpt a head!”

And my brain went “Nope. Don’t think so.”

“But you have to,” I said. “I can’t do this without you, brain.”

“Nope,” said brain. “Not today. Not feeling it.”

“Screw you!” I cried. “I am a REAL ARTIST! That means I power through this crap and don’t get hung up on muses and inspiration and “not feeling it!”

“Yeah, good luck with that,” said the brain, picking up a copy of Craniums Quarterly.

“But I’m a professional! I came to work! I will sit in front of this thing until I make good art!”

“Go ahead, if you don’t mind making total crap and then curling into fetal position,” said brain, thumbing through its magazine. “I’d get the potato chips now, though. You’ll need them later when the weeping passes.”

“You’re my brain!” I shouted, mad with power. “You have to do as I say!”

The brain gave me a long, level look over the top of the magazine. The articles had headlines like Making the Most of Your Ganglia and 37 Secrets the Cortex Loves (But Will Never Tell You!)

“You sure that’s how you want to play it?” it said. “You do know I control the motor functions.”



“Stop hitting yourself…” said brain, turning the page.

“I’m trying!”

And that is why I am not getting art done today.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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Maybe your brain just needs a little ... misdirection?

Y'see, when I was reading that you were putting a resin head on a stole, I immediately thought about the things you could do with a heavy weight on the end of a long string and realized what an awesome weapon this would be! Someone tries to mug you? Whip off the stole and bean 'em one! Rabid attack dog? Three whips around your head and let loose the flogs of war!

I think your brain could do something with that, don'tcha think?

Oh, my. I want to borrow your "Let loose the flogs of war" to name a thing I am working on. I am making a bead embroidered stole from random fabric, and now I want to give the thing a weighted head. It must also have padded little feet. What could I do for a tail? *wanders off to think* Miniature leather flogger? or just long long fringe?

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