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The Good, The Bad, And The Weedy

Good: There are spotted salamander spermatophores in my pond! (And also egg masses, lots of them, and some frog eggs, but dude, spermatophores!)

Bad: I should not be allowed to go to the nursery with the huge selection of salvias without a minder. I, um, got a few more than I realized. Many of them get five or six feet tall. Um. Send help.

Weedy: I spent all this morning pulling out pepperweed, which really loves a cool wet spring and went rioting through my garden this year. I can turn a blind eye to chickweed because it’ll die off in the heat, I am perfectly happy to have white clover covering areas as long as it lets the perennials grow through, I have made some peace with the corn speedwell and the henbit, but pepperweed is on the list of Things That Must Die.

At least it pulls easily.


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Just out of curiosity (and because I am a total masochist), what are some of the other items on the List of Things That Must Die? (Aside from Japanese honeysuckle and boxweed, as I recall.)

As far as I'm concerned, red volcanic rock belongs on this list. A previous owner of my place loved the stuff, so it's all over -- but the plastic sheeting underneath didn't hold (or never existed, or dirt gradually accumulated on the rock, depending), and some form of grass of the volunteer, weedy persuasion grew up all around and through it. So now there's these big clumps of roots with rock all through them and it's just a colossal pain to put the grass in one bin and the rocks in another. I can give the rocks away on Craigslist, but not if they're currently inhabited, so to speak.

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