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The Good, The Bad, And The Weedy

Good: There are spotted salamander spermatophores in my pond! (And also egg masses, lots of them, and some frog eggs, but dude, spermatophores!)

Bad: I should not be allowed to go to the nursery with the huge selection of salvias without a minder. I, um, got a few more than I realized. Many of them get five or six feet tall. Um. Send help.

Weedy: I spent all this morning pulling out pepperweed, which really loves a cool wet spring and went rioting through my garden this year. I can turn a blind eye to chickweed because it’ll die off in the heat, I am perfectly happy to have white clover covering areas as long as it lets the perennials grow through, I have made some peace with the corn speedwell and the henbit, but pepperweed is on the list of Things That Must Die.

At least it pulls easily.


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My grandmother the Depression baby taught me about pepperweed many years ago. :) And I found out recently that chickweed is also edible, and have been pretty happy with it as a salad addition. Kind of spinachy and kind of bite-y. I want to try it with chicken and some kind of low-key vinaigrette.

And I am all for soaking in two days. With bath salts and a few good books, preferably.

Practically all the weeds mentionned above are edible in some way! Even the speedwell, though that's normally too bitter to really be worth it.

Weed salad anyone?

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