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Dream Mythologies

Had one of those dreams that run long and cause you to oversleep, which mostly involved me trying to find Ten-Mile, Oregon with Google maps. That’s not terribly important for our purposes. Along the way, I stopped at a historical marker, which had a very strange mythology on it. (I am paraphrasing, as I can’t recall exact words)

When time began, Ahais Mae, the great god, looked down upon creation and the lesser gods and men within it. He sent word to them by the birds and the mice that evil walked the earth and must be fought, the good men against the evil men and the good gods against the evil gods, that the earth be returned to goodness and made perfect in the eyes of Ahais Mae.

But the birds and the mice told the gods and the men that this was a lie, that evil is always with us, and a great battle in heaven would kill many and bring much more evil about and the only one who benefited was Ahais Mae, who would glut himself on the deaths of gods and men.

And the men listened to the birds and the mice, and so everyone was peaceful, and the great god Ahais Mae was cast into the darkness under the earth.

Possibly my subconscious is trying to invent the anti-Scientology or something.


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Or it's the religion of your game world?

This sounds like an excellent mythology to pursue. Y'know, in later books or art.

My daughter LOVES her Smallrus and my boyfriend exclaimed that the Tea Wizard "is the perfect representation of you in this house."

Thanks again!

Re: Or it's the religion of your game world?

I agree, I want to see more of this mythology!

Mice and birds can be very, very smart.

Nowt to add but a pebble on top of this sentiment. Here's to the advice of mice & birds!

Smart, or passing unnoticed so much, they over-hear all kinds of stuff.

I love this - the inhabitants on Earth kicking back on the Gods, and none of this omnipotent, omnibenevolent rubbish.

On the other hand, it's not as though anybody was looking for a peaceful solution to dealing with Ahais Mae, so the story isn't a complete escape from There Is Evil and It Must Be Destroyed.

On the other hand, I might well have been disappointed if something awful hadn't happened to Ahais Mae.

Plus you gotta leave at least the option for him to come back and bring about Ragnorak or equivalent, otherwise it's not a mythology!

Or... Pull the double reverse and show there was evil walking and it got to the birds and mice first, since those were the good god's messengers, now the good is trapped far away under the earth and it is up to a brave hearted and stoic burrower to free it to prevent the end of all things!

- Krin *who will make shit up to get Digger back! *cry* I miss Digger*

Maybe it's not awful. Maybe he will like it down there.

For a god, "cast into the darkness under the earth" sounds a bit more like 'locking him up and throwing away the key". Which may not be particularly enjoyable for the god in question, but is reasonably non-violent as far as myths go.

(And of course, my mind is now recalling monologues which start with something along the lines of "This is the place the dragons went"...)

and well worth a poster in the story board from of native tribes iconography, I think - either Australsian dreamtime or native american or even Maya/Aztec. Have you looked at the art in the game "journey" (thatgamecompany)?

Almost sounds Gnostic. And the name Ahais Mae seems vaguely related to Ahura Mazda...

I'm with the birds and the mice.

The bit about overthrowing the gods vaguely reminds me of Klingon mythology, in which the first two Klingons join together in love and destroy the gods who created them.

On the subject of dreams (and risking sounding exceptionally creepy)... You were in my dream last night which is especially odd since I don't believe we've ever even met. It was at a convention and the clone of Ted Bundy whom I was studying tried to chat you up. You seemed to find him strange but clever and I felt obliged to warn you who he was/used to be.

Reminds me a touch of the start of the Ramayana, when Indra literally stomps petulantly into Brahma's "two steps outside the universe" room and pouts that his epic heavenly battle did not go quite as planned, Indra having basically poked all the demons until they got mad enough to challenge him in what he felt should have been an obvious victory.

Colonel Sanders Theology

I've been working on the details for a while, but basically God eats souls. The whole population explosion is to mass-produce as many souls as possible.

Considering the number of wars fought in the name of religion, the birds and mice are right! Well, everything was peaceful until some damn fool dug him up again.

I love the birds and mice in your dream, they are so sensible. And courageous, going against a god; very courageous.

"You wanta make real money, you gotta start a religion!" -L. Ron Hubbard

"This is an unfounded rumor. One individual once claimed L.�Ron Hubbard made such a comment during a lecture in 1948. The only two people who could be found who attended that very lecture in 1948 denied that Mr. Hubbard ever made this statement. And Mr. Hubbard himself certainly denied it [See quoted declaration above - BW].

Another famous writer from the same era who did make such a statement was George Orwell, who wrote to a friend in 1938 that "there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion." His letter was later published as part of a collection of letters which was circulated widely. It seems that Orwell's comment has been misattributed to Mr. Hubbard. This was recognized by courts in Germany who enjoined those who had attributed such a statement to Mr. Hubbard from repeating it."

Sounds to me like American Gods, but nicer.

personally, i am impressed that even your subconscious is capable of expressing itself so eloquently. _and_ on historical markers.

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