UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Dream Mythologies

Had one of those dreams that run long and cause you to oversleep, which mostly involved me trying to find Ten-Mile, Oregon with Google maps. That’s not terribly important for our purposes. Along the way, I stopped at a historical marker, which had a very strange mythology on it. (I am paraphrasing, as I can’t recall exact words)

When time began, Ahais Mae, the great god, looked down upon creation and the lesser gods and men within it. He sent word to them by the birds and the mice that evil walked the earth and must be fought, the good men against the evil men and the good gods against the evil gods, that the earth be returned to goodness and made perfect in the eyes of Ahais Mae.

But the birds and the mice told the gods and the men that this was a lie, that evil is always with us, and a great battle in heaven would kill many and bring much more evil about and the only one who benefited was Ahais Mae, who would glut himself on the deaths of gods and men.

And the men listened to the birds and the mice, and so everyone was peaceful, and the great god Ahais Mae was cast into the darkness under the earth.

Possibly my subconscious is trying to invent the anti-Scientology or something.


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