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(no subject)

Sketches, for no particular reason! I was looking at some costumes from the 1600's, and somehow herons crept into the mix. Because everything's better with herons!

title or description

I kinda like the heron-dude at the bottom left...maybe he should be wearing the beak as a mask over the ears. I dunno. Balthazar also appeals to me, in a Christensen sort've way. (Although since he's half heron, he'd probably see The Frog as a snack...)

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whoa, cheekbones!
You might want to try drawing a traditional Japanese wedding kimono. They have lots of herons usually. I can just imagine a lady wearing a kimono, and then looking aghast! as all the herons fly off.
That'd be pretty cool.
Thought train derailed. Anyway, nifty sketches.

Or a heron wearing a kimono covered with ladies.

a-HA. See, that would be magnificent- but it'd need a parasol! Got parasol?

(Deleted comment)
ah, cranes. Yeah, cranes. That's what I meant, honest. Cranes.
....Um. Cranes, sure!

Balthazar has Snape's nose.

I was actually thinking he strongly resembled Bertrand Russell (and/or Tenniel's Mad Hatter). Not that either of these is a bad thing.

Balthazar may disdain the frog, but does he despise the arrogant wombat? And half heron to boot? I'd guess the bottom half. From belt to boot, as it were.

Love your work, Ursula.

The frog, disdained though it may be, is still my hero.
Although, in my opinion, the real star of the show is that chicken...that looks like it's trying to trip the gag reflex. A bulemic chicken? Oh, the possibilities!
And that carrot dude is fascinating. Reminds me of a dream I had once. Though the carrot wasn't an entity unto itself, it was merely the head of a sheep. Even so.
I had a point in there somewhere, at one time in the days of yore. *reminiscent sigh*

my favorite is the overly stylish frog. i see no one is daring to mention the upright land crustacean who has snuck into the lower right.

Punk carrot! **love**

And that chicken is obviously profoundly freaked by everyone else on the page. In fact, it--...waitaminute! I know that chicken! I KNOW THAT CHICKEN! That's the chicken from 'Spike and the Mice'!

Aww, link no worky. :/

Yeah, my remote host is choking this morning. Hopefully it'll be back up in a few.

That's a lot of legs on that little buggy guy in the bottom right!

Love the Renaissance heron-people.

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