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Best. Goddess. Ever.

There is an Aztec goddess called Mayahuel who is the goddess of agave. (The usual mythological thing where somebody dies and is buried and comes up as a plant. You get that a lot. It’s one of the acceptable ways to die if you’re a god.)

Mayahuel has four hundred breasts, lactates pulque (the fermented drink made from agave nectar) and has four hundred drunken rabbit children, the Centzon Totochin, each of whom is responsible for a different kind of drunkenness. (Ometochtli–”Two-Rabbit”–is the chief of the Centzon Totochin.)

Dude. Why was I not aware of this? I have met some of those rabbit gods.  (And if I ever get my hands on the little bastard responsible for a sambuca hangover…)

There’s a variant myth that tequila was the gift given by the spirits to Quetzalcoatl to assuage his grief over the death of Mayahuel, but as tequila was a substantially later invention, I can’t speak to the accuracy. Nice thought, though. And probably one of the Centzon Totochin shows up the next day.

(Googling “Aztec agave goddess” will get you various dueling websites on the topic, though most of them agree on these basic facts–I can’t tell you if any are more accurate than any others, since this was never even remotely my field of study. Though I did very much enjoy a book about Aztec mythology with the elegant title ‘This Tree Grows Out Of Hell.”)

I have agaves in the garden, although it must be said that none of them are very happy (nor are any of them the specific species that produces pulque.) There’s a couple of native agaves that will grow here, but I haven’t sited them right or something. I wonder if fervent invocations to Mayahuel would help, or if I’ll just get a plague of bunnies bearing cocktail shakers.

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Oh please please tell me there will be a painting of hordes of bunnies with cocktail shakers/glasses. X3

I am now imagining Ometochtli as the god of the two-day hangover.
Or, I guess, two-day bender.

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The Four Hundred Rabbits are pretty benign for gods. Especially for Aztec gods -- they just drag you out to the desert for drunken barbeques.

I’ll just get a plague of bunnies bearing cocktail shakers.

Considering rabbit gods are Trickster gods, maybe you'd better not risk it.

I hear they dig burrows and then invite crayfish over...

I can't help wondering if El-ahrairah is in there somewhere...

By pure blind coincidence, this turned up in my friends feed - diamonds made from tequila fumes...

I've read This Tree Grows Out Of Hell and thought it interesting. I have that author's autobiography Paradise Fever which, given that his dad wrote The Secret Life of Plants, is also interesting. Not remotely heartwarming a memoir, though.

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For future reference, it won't flag a link as spam if the http(colonslashslash) is removed. So wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/index.php/Bilious is fine.

(Deleted comment)
...now that I find creepy.

You had me at four hundred drunken rabbits.

Also, and unrelated to this post: I am a shelver at my local library. Dragonbreath 2 was on my cart today. I picked it up and was walking to shelve it when a nine or ten-year-old kid runs up to me, snatches it out of my hand, and runs back to (who I assume was) his mom waving it above his head and ululating in victory. The children's librarian was laughing too hard to stop him.

Dragonbreath: inspires small boys to mug me.

So often, I am not sure whether to cheer or apologize...

If there was a way to get it out of the ground and ship it, I would gladly send you my agave! The thing practically tried to eat the house and I had to use a chainsaw to trim it back. It has flowered twice in the past two years... you should try cutting down a 35' flower stalk in the middle of a 15' wide plant with pointy ended-leaves.

Just purely out of curiosity, are you a reader of the webcomic Wapsi Square, by any chance? The Tepoztecatl expy is the whole reason I know crap about Aztec mythology in the first place. :D

Thank you. This is the best thing I read all morning.

Yet another reason Austin is awesome.. It has a this:

Best. Bar. Ever. If I am ever in Austin I am so going there. Their menu looks sooooo delish!

please, oh please draw her and her hoard of cocktail shaker bearing children!

Along with the sambuca bunny, beware the Chartreuse Rabbit.