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Call for Playtesters

Well, as of this evening, it is now theoretically possible to play Act I of Cryptic Stitching from beginning to end, following any of the three paths.

More content needs to be added to flesh out some things, and StoryNexus hasn’t implemented an art upload function (although it’s supposed to be in the works) so I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing Act I. However, at the moment, I could use some playtesters!

I’m looking for about a dozen people who are willing to spend a few hours poking the thing and give me some feedback. (I’ve got a few who are completely invaluable, but they have lives and stuff and the more eyeballs, the better.) I’m looking for typos, baffling bugs, wander-around-not-sure-what-to-do-now-itis, etc.

What I’d like to do is just set up an LJ page where people post bugs, rather than possibly get a dozen identical e-mails. (This isn’t a closed page, I just can’t imagine it’s terribly interesting.) Plus, useful clearinghouse and whatnot.

So! If you’re willing to sign up with StoryNexus (or have an existing account) willing to post to LJ with bugs or comments, don’t mind that the game has no art yet, possess a certain degree of patience and can play on a computer or a tablet with mouseover support (mouseovers are very important to this engine) and ideally also have a twitter account for when things break RIGHT THIS MINUTE…well, say something in the comments, I’ll grab some volunteers! (Uh…leave an e-mail address, with the (at) thing so there’s no spam? Alternately, if you’re not comfortable with that posted in public, DM me on Twitter, I’m at @ursulav.)

Familiarity with Fallen London and other StoryNexus games is helpful, but I’d also like some people who don’t know it at all so that I cover the spread.

And now I’m gonna go make mac & cheese.


UPDATE: Okay, that’s a bunch of people! Thank you all–closing it up, and will e-mail those of you who’ve been kind enough to offer! (If you are in absolute black despair that you missed the call and cannot wait, shoot me an e-mail and I will see what I can do. I promise, though, all you’re missing is seeing how much crap lies behind the curtain.)

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Sounds like fun. I do very very little gaming, so if you've made any leaps that only make sense because That's Just How It Works then I'll probably find them... Arwenl

Arwenlune at gmail.com I was going to say. Damn phone.

Oh, I wish I could, but I just can't commit to anything right now. *sobs all the sobs* Also, I want mac and cheese now. :(

Oh! I would be interested art (a) lauragarabedian . Com

I play a lot of Fallen London and I've also played through a good chunk of the more finished StoryNexus games so I feel like I might be able to find things that could need ironing out! I've been looking forward to this opportunity for a while. (I have the "This game is not yet playable card" in my hand, haha.)
catbrooksanimation(at)gmail.com and @batcrooks
I tend to have a lot of downtime at work (I'm a library clerk at a middle school) so I play these stories then. They're very entertaining :)

I'd be delighted to lend another pair of eyeballs to this project (as long as I get them back afterward in reasonably good condition). I don't have any prior exposure to StoryNexus, but I have a fair bit of experience with IF in general.

You can e-mail me at q.pheevr [apenstaartje] gmail.com.

I'd still love to.
madgastronomer(at)gmail.com, or @madgastronomer on twitter.

I could give it a shot. I've played Fallen London, but no other games like it. I also have tonight(with the exception of Supernatural tonight) and tomorrow completely to myself, so...

hoovedrosea at yahoo dot com.

Huh. That got marked as spam. Trying again, because I forget what LJ does with spam:

I'd still love to playtest.
madgastronomer (at) gmail.com or madgastronomer on twitter.


Canz I try, please?

mearn4d10 at gmail dot com

Edited at 2013-04-25 01:25 am (UTC)

I play Fallen London.

Me! I will!

I'm a gamer, but I've never seen StoryNexus so that should be a good point...

jenbooks at gmail

twitter - jenbooks

I'm interested! I come from the textgamery side of things -- FL and another StoryNexus game (Winterstrike), plus a longer history of interactive fiction and RPGs of various stripes. My Gmail is oheleven23 :)

Happy to test from the p.o.v. of someone who's not played StoryNexus games, but has played other computer games starting with Pong on an Apple II+ and working through the Zork text games to having tried most games at least once.

Happy also to proof-read as I go.

Do not have twitter, though, so if that's a deal breaker... no can do.

anne (at) law-nerd dot org

Edited at 2013-04-25 01:06 am (UTC)

Im game! (see what I did there?)

Havent played in a while but long time Fallen London player, and back in the day I did KOL right to the end (when it had an end), opened up a store, gamed for important bits, sold them at profit, made millions of meat and gave it all away to charity :)

Haz twitter acct too

lensaddiction at gmail dot com

Looks like you have enough already, but I'm available as well. Computer programmer & gamer, but new to Story Nexus. I've been following your dev notes with great interest! smq at dwarfrune dot com or at essemque on twitter.


Sounds like fun, I would love to help :) I'm currently playing Fallen London, so I'm already somewhat familiar with the system.

kirby.jo (a) gmail dot com

If you need any more, I'm in. I've played Fallen London and Winterstrike (up to the point where it seems like I have to murder my bird to continue?).

rabid (dot) bookwyrm (at) gmail

Ughhh I couldn't figure out how not to!

Right? If there is an alternate path then I have no clue. I just stopped playing.

I really couldn't tell if the Ironbird was supposed to be super sinister, or kinda cute, or what. It was really frustrating. Because if it's sinister and a bit evil then I guess I'll kill it, but then why was I given so very many opportunities to befriend it? My Regard was up at 18 or something when I stopped playing. I haven't used it for anything, but I have to assume it takes a hit if I murder the poor thing.

Yeah :( I went through anyway because I wanted to see how it ended, but none of the connections I'd cultivated ended up paying off, so I was sad.

Phooey. I was kinda hoping you would reveal that it was a brilliant, heartbreaking, and ultimately worthwhile sacrifice. If it's that disappointing, I don't think I have the heart to go on to the rest of the plot.

To be fair, it's entirely possible there's a brilliant, heartbreaking branch out there that I was too unobservant to pick up and follow, right??

If you still need someone who has no idea how to play storynexus, I'm willing to fall on this plushie!

bloodsong1 at gmail.

I tried to do the Twitter DM thing earlier, but you can't send a DM to someone who doesn't follow you.

Crap, I'm a moron. Um. E-mail?

Nah. I've been on Twitter for a couple of years now and only just found out the DM limitation.

Sounds like you have enough testers, so no worries. I'll try it when you open it up later. :)

Random completely unrelated comment:

does anyone know which Maria Tatar book the following quote is from-

"There is transformative power in terror, as life has lately taught us, and we count on stories to keep us from forgetting that."

My friend has been looking and looking online and can't find it.


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