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Cryptic Stitching Clearinghouse -- PLAYTESTERS COMMENT HERE!

Okay, gang, here's the page where I hope you'll list bugs, complain about stupid bits, and make suggestions!  I'll keep this up through the beta stage, so please bookmark if you're playtesting and want to be involved.

First of all, thank you so much again---you poor devils have pretty much volunteered to try and keep me from making a fool of myself in front of the world when it goes live. I am very grateful!

If you see something wrong, make a comment, or if somebody else has commented, feel free to chime in!

If you see something really wrong and furthermore, you get stuck because of it, A) use the Mystic Hackeysack to get loose (available at the bottom of the Playtester Notes card, pick it up as soon as possible) and B) either e-mail me at ursulav (at) gmail.com or direct message me on twitter at @ursulav  to get you unstuck.

If there's anything in particular that strikes you---either good or bad!---comment here and let me know, even if it's just "I kinda hate this character" or "I want to hear more about this character" or "I liked this" or "I'm really confused" or "You use this word eighty five times in ten minutes" and PARTICULARLY (god knows) "This is probably offensive to somebody." (I don't think that'll come up, but if you see something, PLEASE say something, because I'd rather go "Crap! Not what I meant!" in front of a dozen people than a thousand.)

Also! If you comment here with a URL, LJ will hold it as spam. Don't worry about it. I'll unspam it shortly--you don't need to retype it all, it's just trying to save us from a bunch of weirdos with Viagra.

Notes as of 4-25:

Art on cards is weird and not mine, kerning of text on card backs in bizarre---that's them, not me, and will be either fixed or worked around by the time of release, as they roll out the art upload functions.

Opera may break it in weird ways. Firefox and Safari should be okay. It will act a little iffy on some phones. (Not within my power to control!) Also getting reports that Aurora makes it impossible to use the journal on the sidebar that has your items, etc.

If you hit the "Share" buttons, it will tweet or facebook or whatever you tell it to do. A) use this sparingly so your friends don't hate me, and B) it's bugged so that both top and bottom buttons tweet the same thing. It's them, not me.

When/if you run out of actions, use the "Refresh" card at the bottom to refill your hand---you're playtesters, you get to do that. *grin*

If a card gets stuck in your hand and you can't click it, that's a bug. Let me know the name of the card and I'll see what I can do. (Otherwise you can always clear your hand by traveling)

Mousing over a card will often show you "Unlocked when X is:" Them not me, and I hope they fix it, because it's aesthetically aggravating...

Areas that probably need a couple more random cards: Moon-Stuffing Camp, Wool-Tribe's Meadow, Great Glacier, Newcomer sequence

Areas that probably need a LOT more cards: Withyjack Forest, Deep Withyjack, Downstream

Notes 4-26:

The Mystic Hackeysack (get it by using the Playtester Notes Card) can now be used to refresh your actions. This is useful if you're traveling, spiritwalking or dead, since a weird thing in the engine won't allow me to put up a universal pinned card in those areas.

Getting a lot of feedback that Moon-Stuffing Camp needs more cards! I'll add a couple of job cards there.

Added: 5 cards to Wool-Tribe (3 jobs, 1 skill, 1 in the Great Plushthanga chain.)

Added: 2 skill cards to Newcomer sequence

Added: 1 job card to Moon-Stuffing Camp, 1 get-out-and-travel job quest (The Stone-Knapper) which takes you to Streamside and back, 1 higher level merchant card (The Carmine Raven), and 1 merchant to get rid of all those hamsterhide towels.

*Major bug found!* -- if you took the "Package for Wool-Tribe" quest and then tried to look into the package, you never actually learned the way to Wool-Tribe! This is a serious bug! I've removed the problematic branch so it won't come up again, but if you did this, please comment with the name of your character in game so that I can manually debug you!

Notes 4-27:

Added: 1 skill card to Wool-Tribe.

Added: 1 "No, really, this is a content wall" card to Deep Withyjack.

Tweaked: By popular demand, you can now sell beads to the Musk-ox Merchant, and fish scales to the Belt Merchant.

Completed: Fox-specific quest chain

Notes 4-28:

Major bug found!
If you were trying to be a shaman and drew cards in the wrong order, you couldn't progress any farther (which is why some people were doing it fine and others got stuck.) Fixed now! If this bug hit you, go to Wool-Tribe and talk to Quippet and you should be able to progress!

Freaky complicated bug found, because smq is a demented bug genius. :P If you complete the Leatherette Tortoise beast-speaker quest, then quit way of the Beast Speaker, the world blows up. It is theoretically fixed, but stress-testing is probably in order.

Added: 1 card, sells you the Spotted Mushroom in Moon-stuffing Camp for prospective shamans.

Added: 1 card, beginning of mouse-specific quest-chain.

Added: 1 card to hopefully make the tortoise-following-part more intuitive.

Added: 2 cards in Moon-Stuffing Camp, starting a quest chain "seeking the mammoth graveyard."

Added: 2 cards, Eaters-of-Plush quest chain

Notes 4-29:

A number of minor bug fixes, extra options, etc. There is now a high level challenge for the Old Mule Woman, the Highest Ladder, and Stepping Stones.

Added: 2 skill cards, Deep Withyjack Forest

Added: (or rather, rescued) Indigo Sloth card is now live.

Added: Next Uncrow card. (Chain still not complete.)

Added: 2 Ones Who Came Before cards

Added: Streamside card that allows you to get the Frog if you opted out before.

Added: Skill card, Withyjack Forest

Notes 4-30:

Lose your Way option now live for Playtesters so that you can remove your Way and test others without having to start over. Use carefully, may break things!

Added: 2 patching quest cards--1 to restart Frog quest if you've ignored him for too long, 1 to move Mammoth Graveyard along if you've been Blacklisted by the Spirits.

Added: 1 Backstory card general, 1 specific for Outcast

Added: 1 card, Eaters of Plush. Chain is now complete for this Act!

Added: 3 Ones-Who-Came-Before quest cards. Chain is now complete for this Act!

Notes for...I'm off by a day...more of 4-30, I guess:

Random bug fixes. Being blacklisted by the Spirits will no longer (lord willing and the creek don't rise) drop you into the Grey Void.

Added: Mouse-only option for corduroy aurochs card and Curling Ferns

Added: 1 job card, Moon-Stuffing Camp

Notes for 5-1:

Added: 3 skill cards for Downstream Beast-Speaker area, 1 Backstory card for Wool-Tribe

Added: Opt-out card for 3rd time dead, to speed the process along.

Notes for 5-2:

Added: 2 backstory cards, one each for Mysterious and Refugee.

Notes for 5-8:

Added: 3 job cards, 2 skill cards for Moon-Stuffing Camp, extra option on "Stars are Bright."

Added: 4 story cards for the Stone-Knapper quest chain

Added: 1 card, encounter with Quippet following your first death

Notes for 5-9:

Added: 8 cards, Mammoth Graveyard quest chain complete

Notes for 5-10:

Fixed text in the bear card so it doesn't look as if you're supposed to follow-up somehow

Added: 1 Fierce skill card, Withyjack Forest

Added: 1 job/fierce skill card, Wool-Tribe, 1 job/sturdy skill card, Wool-Tribe

Added: 4 cards, redemption for killing the Leatherette Tortoise. It is now possible to redeem yourself and become a Beast-Speaker (but she makes you work for it!)

Added: 2 story cards, Moon-Stuffing Camp

Just cracked 400 cards!

Notes for 5-12:

Some of the quest cards in Moon-Stuffing have been tweaked, so they SHOULD be more likely to come up than job cards. Don't know how well that will work, but take a look!

Added: 2 job/skill card, Moon-Stuffing

Added: 1 species specific card, start of Weasel quest

Notes for 5-20:

Not dead! Just busy with paying gigs, hoping to be able to work more on this soon. I've tweaked the distribution on all the Shearing quests, so that they should now come up much more frequently (2x to 5x as likely, depending on card.) I don't know if that'll work, in practice, but hopefully it'll make a significant difference!

Finding your Way quests are now also tweaked.

Added: 2 Uncrow cards. Chain now complete for Act I.

Notes for 5-21:

You can now teach your Lungfish to fetch.

Notes for 6-5:

Christ, time passes quickly. Ok! I have been continuing to tweak the frequency with which quest cards come up, so hopefully they should be more frequent now. I've also started on Act 2, but that won't be ready for playtesting for quite awhile.

Added: 2 Act 2 cards.

First bug!

Accessed game and created a character. Broken
tag in response text, response looks like this:

You now have 1 x Key of Weasels
Find the rest of the story at: http://crypticstitching.storynexus.com/s

(I had to put in a space into the tag so it'd replicate here, sorry!)

Well done! (I assume you mean the rogue (br) at the end?)

And I have no way to fix that, weirdly enough--I saw it too when I tested, and there IS no tag in any space I can edit. It just tacked it onto the end for some reason. I've poked the thing about eight times and it's just hanging there. So I'm calling that "Them, not me" for the moment.

ETA: Unless you mean something else? The response text quoted there is auto generated by the game, and sadly I don't have control over that...

Edited at 2013-04-25 02:18 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
*grin* It's actually a pain to time handing out the various items because I don't want the first-time player to suddenly get a WALL OF ITEMS and reel back in horror. That was as many as I felt comfortable giving out at once, but you get options on a few others later...

When I mouse over some of the cards, I see a message about an unlocking condition that seems incomplete, like this:

Talk to the plushes in camp
Unlocked when Newcomer to Camp is:

...with nothing after the colon. As far as I can tell, it's not interfering with anything substantive; it just looks a bit odd.

Yes! That's a them-not-me, and really aggravating since it occasionally involves spoilers. I'm hoping they'll find a way to turn that off.

Liveblog thread: Prologue

From the "What manner of beast are you?" card, the patchwork weasel is the only capsed option? Is it meant to be a list? I'm not sure what a vaguely stuffed animal shaped thing is. OH, wait, I just realized that is probably meant to be parsed as "[vaguely [[stuffed-animal]-shaped]] thing" -- I had it parsed as "[[vaguely stuffed], [animal-shaped]] thing", which lead to some hard thinking :P

"You are a mouse!" HEE

It won't let me switch tabs in the sidebar to look at my journal/qualities and inventory, but I had the same problem in Winterstrike, so this is probably a Them thing.

When I officially begin Act I, it informs me that I've finished the tutorial even though I technically skipped the tutorial?

Re: Liveblog thread: Prologue

Fixed the rogue capital letter and put a hyphen in for clarity! Contemplating the tutorial skipping bit. Hmm.

About half the cards I'm encountering in the camp have the mouseover text "(Title) Unlocked when Newcomer to Camp is:" and then no level is given. I can start a list of these if you want. Cleaning the Catch is the one I'm looking at now.

Yes! That's a them-not-me, and really aggravating since it occasionally involves spoilers. I'm hoping they'll find a way to turn that off.

Beta-testing Meta question

For bugs I can see individual posts/reports being useful, but I'm not sure whether it's as useful for proofing comments... So, would you prefer lots of individual posts that say things like:

Card: Look Around The Camp -- "the smoke from chimneys fills the air with pungent smoke." one of those two "smoke"s is redundant.

Or would it be easier to deal with one longer post with a whole bunch of similar little things (assuming, that is, that there might be others).

Re: Beta-testing Meta question

*grin* Whichever you prefer, but one long post probably parses easier. But if it's easier for you to post as you notice it, by all means, do that! I can work with either.

(Also, took out one of the "smoke" words. Thank you!)

Edited at 2013-04-25 02:37 am (UTC)

It took six action points before I saw a single repeated card. Well done! This is what I like at the beginning of a game! And they're all entertaining.

So far, so good. As a complete noob, I couldn't resist clicking "kill me now!" and lo! I was dead.

The repeat cards came up fairly quickly, I thought, but I'm also suffering from a migraine and waiting for the good meds to kick in, so...there you go.

As always, your dialogue and prose make me giggle happily. I'm not seeing any bugs, per se, but I ran out of actions in about...30-35 minutes. Is that normal for this kind of game?

Yup, that's normal...well, I think it's normal. (Other players may disagree!) They're meant to be spaced out, as a sort of casual come-back-later thing. You can hit the Refresh card at the bottom to get them refilled, as a playtester, or they refresh over time.

It's entirely possible that the repeat cards are coming up too quickly--a certain amount of those are normal, but it could also be a sign I need to add more content at some stages!

Just got to camp, and all is well so far.

Just FYI, for the kerning issues--if you remove the images from the cards and turn title plaques off, you'll be able to display a lot more of the text in the title (there are still kerning issues with long words, but titles won't get cut off). It'll change the text to dsiplay on the cardback instead of an image.

Typo: 'Earn some amber'

'The Tangerine Rabbit need someone'

Redundancy: 'Fuel for the fire': 'Sure'

"It's a cheerful bunch and you enjoy the company of the others, but you still feel absolutely filthy afterwards. The Tangerine Rabbit thoughtfully provides you with some soap afterwards."--could afford to delete one of the 'afterwards'

Edited at 2013-04-25 03:07 am (UTC)

Will have to experiment with that with the card backs...(If they don't implement the art thing soonish, it may become vital!)

Typo fixed, extra afterwards deleted. Thank you!

(Deleted comment)

I'm at Streamside (as a fuzzy-gendered fox wanderer, in case it matters), and the Soaproot card is giving me two different options that both have the title "...harvest some of the plant." One of them is identified as a high-risk challenge; the other does not seem to be a challenge at all.

Okay, soaproot. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way....

HA! Okay, that cracked me up.

Should be fixed now. It's set to give you a point of Herbalism the first time if you don't have any, then should be a challenge. (Possibly a case of me outwitting myself...)

I'm getting "The Belt Seller" a lot, well before I have any way of buying a belt. Maybe put an item requirement on that, just so it doesn't clog up your hand?

Ironically, he's mathematically a very rare card! There's just not enough basic content in the Wool-Tribe area--if he's coming up that much, I clearly need to flesh out the area. Thank you!

OK run out of my first lot of actions, had the Teddybear arm wrestle card come up twice after the first one but my fierce is now a point higher :)

Biggest problem i am noticing is a distinct lag on activation of any of the active elements (im using FF) - its like there is a delayed background page refresh happening, and until the card moves on hoverover, I cant access it. Its taking a while for the hover to kick in, in essence - as in I have to think about it, pause pause pause and there we go. So gameplay is slower as a result.

Its also possible being in NZ I am your furtherest away player and so getting some latency as a result ........

Otherwise, looks good, the only problem I have with this kind of game (same with Fallen London) is Im not yet sure what the point of it is, im getting Old Ones hints but something a bit more concrete to engage me in a direction, rather than randomly flailing around til I get to some predefined level would be nice.

The lag issue is them, not me, and I've been noticing it too, so it's not just you, never fear! (I think I've seen some complaints in the forums, so hopefully it's just their server being grumpy.)

As for the second issue, I'll have to think on that one--Act I is honestly a largely an "Explore the world!" section, and I'm not sure how to make that more focused in the early stages. (Later on you get various storylines and so forth, so hopefully it'll move a little quicker.)

I'm having a blast with this - great story and fun options :D Finding the rare events is a lot of fun too.

Card: Travel the Valley
Card Text: Adventure awaits! Or Sheep! Or something!

Card: Ripped Fabric
Card Text: that smells only slighty of sheep.

Also, this part didn't make much sense to me, "slices a wound in your fabric.". Slices a wound?

Around the Campfire - Listen to the Stories doesn't seem to give me anything but the Sorrowful Oryx' story. It seems like it should give others too, I might be unlucky?

First typo isn't actually one--sentient plushes get Capital Letters to differentiate them from nonsentient ones. (Otherwise it got kinda weird and cannibalistic...) And Sheep really do await you.

Second one fixed, for typo and clarity.

The Oryx is the only story you get there--that particular dialog option will vanish soon enough, though.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

(Deleted comment)
Hmm....necessary evil? It allows for the inventory to organize herbs into slots so that it's easier for people to figure out what's where, it just doesn't DO anything.

Played on Safari last night, no major problems.
Grinding Skins and making beds a lot.