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Cryptic Stitching Clearinghouse -- PLAYTESTERS COMMENT HERE!

Okay, gang, here's the page where I hope you'll list bugs, complain about stupid bits, and make suggestions!  I'll keep this up through the beta stage, so please bookmark if you're playtesting and want to be involved.

First of all, thank you so much again---you poor devils have pretty much volunteered to try and keep me from making a fool of myself in front of the world when it goes live. I am very grateful!

If you see something wrong, make a comment, or if somebody else has commented, feel free to chime in!

If you see something really wrong and furthermore, you get stuck because of it, A) use the Mystic Hackeysack to get loose (available at the bottom of the Playtester Notes card, pick it up as soon as possible) and B) either e-mail me at ursulav (at) gmail.com or direct message me on twitter at @ursulav  to get you unstuck.

If there's anything in particular that strikes you---either good or bad!---comment here and let me know, even if it's just "I kinda hate this character" or "I want to hear more about this character" or "I liked this" or "I'm really confused" or "You use this word eighty five times in ten minutes" and PARTICULARLY (god knows) "This is probably offensive to somebody." (I don't think that'll come up, but if you see something, PLEASE say something, because I'd rather go "Crap! Not what I meant!" in front of a dozen people than a thousand.)

Also! If you comment here with a URL, LJ will hold it as spam. Don't worry about it. I'll unspam it shortly--you don't need to retype it all, it's just trying to save us from a bunch of weirdos with Viagra.

Notes as of 4-25:

Art on cards is weird and not mine, kerning of text on card backs in bizarre---that's them, not me, and will be either fixed or worked around by the time of release, as they roll out the art upload functions.

Opera may break it in weird ways. Firefox and Safari should be okay. It will act a little iffy on some phones. (Not within my power to control!) Also getting reports that Aurora makes it impossible to use the journal on the sidebar that has your items, etc.

If you hit the "Share" buttons, it will tweet or facebook or whatever you tell it to do. A) use this sparingly so your friends don't hate me, and B) it's bugged so that both top and bottom buttons tweet the same thing. It's them, not me.

When/if you run out of actions, use the "Refresh" card at the bottom to refill your hand---you're playtesters, you get to do that. *grin*

If a card gets stuck in your hand and you can't click it, that's a bug. Let me know the name of the card and I'll see what I can do. (Otherwise you can always clear your hand by traveling)

Mousing over a card will often show you "Unlocked when X is:" Them not me, and I hope they fix it, because it's aesthetically aggravating...

Areas that probably need a couple more random cards: Moon-Stuffing Camp, Wool-Tribe's Meadow, Great Glacier, Newcomer sequence

Areas that probably need a LOT more cards: Withyjack Forest, Deep Withyjack, Downstream

Notes 4-26:

The Mystic Hackeysack (get it by using the Playtester Notes Card) can now be used to refresh your actions. This is useful if you're traveling, spiritwalking or dead, since a weird thing in the engine won't allow me to put up a universal pinned card in those areas.

Getting a lot of feedback that Moon-Stuffing Camp needs more cards! I'll add a couple of job cards there.

Added: 5 cards to Wool-Tribe (3 jobs, 1 skill, 1 in the Great Plushthanga chain.)

Added: 2 skill cards to Newcomer sequence

Added: 1 job card to Moon-Stuffing Camp, 1 get-out-and-travel job quest (The Stone-Knapper) which takes you to Streamside and back, 1 higher level merchant card (The Carmine Raven), and 1 merchant to get rid of all those hamsterhide towels.

*Major bug found!* -- if you took the "Package for Wool-Tribe" quest and then tried to look into the package, you never actually learned the way to Wool-Tribe! This is a serious bug! I've removed the problematic branch so it won't come up again, but if you did this, please comment with the name of your character in game so that I can manually debug you!

Notes 4-27:

Added: 1 skill card to Wool-Tribe.

Added: 1 "No, really, this is a content wall" card to Deep Withyjack.

Tweaked: By popular demand, you can now sell beads to the Musk-ox Merchant, and fish scales to the Belt Merchant.

Completed: Fox-specific quest chain

Notes 4-28:

Major bug found!
If you were trying to be a shaman and drew cards in the wrong order, you couldn't progress any farther (which is why some people were doing it fine and others got stuck.) Fixed now! If this bug hit you, go to Wool-Tribe and talk to Quippet and you should be able to progress!

Freaky complicated bug found, because smq is a demented bug genius. :P If you complete the Leatherette Tortoise beast-speaker quest, then quit way of the Beast Speaker, the world blows up. It is theoretically fixed, but stress-testing is probably in order.

Added: 1 card, sells you the Spotted Mushroom in Moon-stuffing Camp for prospective shamans.

Added: 1 card, beginning of mouse-specific quest-chain.

Added: 1 card to hopefully make the tortoise-following-part more intuitive.

Added: 2 cards in Moon-Stuffing Camp, starting a quest chain "seeking the mammoth graveyard."

Added: 2 cards, Eaters-of-Plush quest chain

Notes 4-29:

A number of minor bug fixes, extra options, etc. There is now a high level challenge for the Old Mule Woman, the Highest Ladder, and Stepping Stones.

Added: 2 skill cards, Deep Withyjack Forest

Added: (or rather, rescued) Indigo Sloth card is now live.

Added: Next Uncrow card. (Chain still not complete.)

Added: 2 Ones Who Came Before cards

Added: Streamside card that allows you to get the Frog if you opted out before.

Added: Skill card, Withyjack Forest

Notes 4-30:

Lose your Way option now live for Playtesters so that you can remove your Way and test others without having to start over. Use carefully, may break things!

Added: 2 patching quest cards--1 to restart Frog quest if you've ignored him for too long, 1 to move Mammoth Graveyard along if you've been Blacklisted by the Spirits.

Added: 1 Backstory card general, 1 specific for Outcast

Added: 1 card, Eaters of Plush. Chain is now complete for this Act!

Added: 3 Ones-Who-Came-Before quest cards. Chain is now complete for this Act!

Notes for...I'm off by a day...more of 4-30, I guess:

Random bug fixes. Being blacklisted by the Spirits will no longer (lord willing and the creek don't rise) drop you into the Grey Void.

Added: Mouse-only option for corduroy aurochs card and Curling Ferns

Added: 1 job card, Moon-Stuffing Camp

Notes for 5-1:

Added: 3 skill cards for Downstream Beast-Speaker area, 1 Backstory card for Wool-Tribe

Added: Opt-out card for 3rd time dead, to speed the process along.

Notes for 5-2:

Added: 2 backstory cards, one each for Mysterious and Refugee.

Notes for 5-8:

Added: 3 job cards, 2 skill cards for Moon-Stuffing Camp, extra option on "Stars are Bright."

Added: 4 story cards for the Stone-Knapper quest chain

Added: 1 card, encounter with Quippet following your first death

Notes for 5-9:

Added: 8 cards, Mammoth Graveyard quest chain complete

Notes for 5-10:

Fixed text in the bear card so it doesn't look as if you're supposed to follow-up somehow

Added: 1 Fierce skill card, Withyjack Forest

Added: 1 job/fierce skill card, Wool-Tribe, 1 job/sturdy skill card, Wool-Tribe

Added: 4 cards, redemption for killing the Leatherette Tortoise. It is now possible to redeem yourself and become a Beast-Speaker (but she makes you work for it!)

Added: 2 story cards, Moon-Stuffing Camp

Just cracked 400 cards!

Notes for 5-12:

Some of the quest cards in Moon-Stuffing have been tweaked, so they SHOULD be more likely to come up than job cards. Don't know how well that will work, but take a look!

Added: 2 job/skill card, Moon-Stuffing

Added: 1 species specific card, start of Weasel quest

Notes for 5-20:

Not dead! Just busy with paying gigs, hoping to be able to work more on this soon. I've tweaked the distribution on all the Shearing quests, so that they should now come up much more frequently (2x to 5x as likely, depending on card.) I don't know if that'll work, in practice, but hopefully it'll make a significant difference!

Finding your Way quests are now also tweaked.

Added: 2 Uncrow cards. Chain now complete for Act I.

Notes for 5-21:

You can now teach your Lungfish to fetch.

Notes for 6-5:

Christ, time passes quickly. Ok! I have been continuing to tweak the frequency with which quest cards come up, so hopefully they should be more frequent now. I've also started on Act 2, but that won't be ready for playtesting for quite awhile.

Added: 2 Act 2 cards.
Tags: storynexus
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