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(no subject)

Our remote host is currently down, meaning no e-mail, and no website.

But I'm not in withdrawal.

Not at all.

I'm not hovering, twitching, over my e-mail, like a vulture with a heroin habit that has just seen a drug mule go down in the desert. Not at all. Nope.

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Glad to hear you're handling datastarve in a healthy, productive manner. :)

If you want some email, I'll give you some of the 500+ spam messages I'm downloading at the moment.

COX's server is exceptionally slow with pushing the stuff down, too. It alsmost seems like it does not want to give up the messages...

Well, to keep you up to date:

The Yerf Forums are pretty calm at the moment. The news is the usual, though Im sad to see Peter Ustinov Died. So we lost Jan berry of Jan & Dean on Saturday and Ustinov on sunday. I wonder who will be the Third Celebrity for the week.Polycount has been u8nhelpful with a few UT2K3-4 problems I have had, but usually harmless, though there wasn an excellent xample of "normal mapping", by taking a fairly low poly character and adding a nortmal AND a bump map to make a pretty fiercome looking ali-ogre. http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~polycount/ubb/Forum2/HTML/008555.html (scroll down to the bottom to see it in all it's monstery glory. It's impressive.) A bunch of interesting links on national review's online site, but you don't swing that way so I'll keep going. let's see... what else? Some odd back channel gossip about a convention being rather high handed over som artist, but I can't go into specifics there, as it's all still getting worked out. Anything else I can update you on?


I feel your pain! *hits refresh a few dozen times like a crazed squirrel*


Hah! Another blissfully accurate line.

How often CAN one person refresh... aka push the food-pellet bar... ;p

Oh gods, I will never hit refresh again without grinning! Thank you for that marvelous image!

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