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Saint of Bulls

Not dead, just very busy!

I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to write a book, edit another book, do art for an anthology, prep for two cons and one gallery show, and get mulch down before the Japanese stiltgrass Eats The World. (Nasty weed. Nasty, nasty weed.) And also I just made major progress on the Patio That Shall Not Be Named, which will soon be ready for a layer of gravel. Woo!

In lieu of anything clever, have a painting.


Saint of Bulls, mixed media on board, 8 x 12. My scanner hates blue, he’s actually more turquoise and has stronger contrasts, but eh, what can you do?

He’s going to Anthrocon, and I actually kinda hope he doesn’t sell so that I can use him in the gallery show, which is the great trap of shows—”AUGGH! I love money! But I need to fill this wall! But money! AUAUUUGH!”—and then when you say “But ALL MY ART SOLD! What will I doooooo!?” you get no sympathy from anyone, except occasionally other artists.


Now I have to go mail things and maybe get some gravel. I will be sane again after Anthrocon. For a value of sane.

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Whee! First response!

I do love your Animal Saint series. This is a lovely bull and I hope you get to keep him until the gallery show. THEN get lots and lots of money for him!

Lovely painting - the colours make it especially so :-)

I feel like someone is going to smack me with one of those weeds you've pulled for saying this, but does the linework on the arch over the bull's head look, at a glance, to be saying "SELFIE" as in, this is some kind of beatific bovine selfshot?

(and if so, how the fuck is it working the camera?)

this is why i shouldn't skip lunch.

I can sorta see the "FIE", but not the "SEL" - and clearly, he set the camera on a timer. ;)

the S is pretty much entirely imagined (just suggested by the interplay of the horn with the arch). The bit with the crosshatches is a stylized E. The vertical bars at the top circumscribe the L, which, admittedly, kind of steals its foot from the bottom edge, rather than being between the lines per se.

I would be sorrier for pointing this out, but given the general wierdness threshold around here, I'm not sure whether that's a bug or a feature. :-)

I'm going to be That Annoying Person because I lurv him soooooooo much. Will there be prints available when you are sane again?

This has got me thinking of a bovine equivalent of christianity. Instead of eating a wafer at communion, you'd be served a hamburger. Ash Wednesday would be a holy day involving grilling.

I think you'd get a wafer. Or perhaps some grass. Christians are not served human flesh, at least not in appearance -- well, technically, "accidents" -- only in "substance", if they believe in transubstantiation.

A wafer transubstantiated into a hamburger. "This is my burger, given up for you."

What's got me curious is the cup - "Fruit of the udder, work of bovine hooves?"

Ah! Well, there's a Hungarian wine called Bikaver, which means 'bull's blood." Clearly that's what is used.

If you dip your burger into it, I suggest BBQ sauce.

I'd advise using Photoshop (or a cheaper equivalent, especially as Photoshop, once beautifully intuative, has crope toward Byzantinitude, and Adobe toward bad weirdness) to adjust hue and contrast on the scan, but trying to manage software when running in decapitated chicken mode tends to be neither fun nor effective. Still, I much admire the picture as is.

I like the picture - though I defaulted instantly to thinking of him as St Luke.

I can't express how much I love that picture. Of course, I'm a bit biased toward bovines. Sadly, I suspect he'll go for a sum well beyond my budget at AC.

EDIT: I can't believe that nobody's made the obligatory Holy Cow reference yet.

Edited at 2013-05-15 01:53 pm (UTC)

No prints? Because I have a friend who would love that...

That is a really good image!

This is truly epic! Love the choice in colors. Now you just need to do one of a rooster to mirror him, saints and all. Like a paladin type. ;P

Oooh, that is lovely. There's something so serene and... I don't know, right? about it.

Scanners usually don't do well with turquoise-y shades of blue, but it's lovely all the same. Wish I could see it in person.

He is splendid! Even if the scan is not the 'right' shades of blue.

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