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Digger Omnibus Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Well, the title more or less says it all, but let me say it again.

We want to do an omnibus edition of Digger. You guys asked (repeatedly!) and we think it’s a great idea!

The downside (and the reason we haven’t done it already) is that hardcover omnibuseseses require a big chunk of cash up front—we’re talking a big print job here, on the order of the Bone omnibus edition, and that does not run cheap. (Plus, of course, while people keep asking, we’re talking a spendy beast here and we want to make sure there’s enough interest to justify doing it!) Plus, if we get a LOT of interest, we can do all kinds of neat extras, like color inserts and cover embossing and extra stories and giant wombat balloons in the Macy’s Day Parade!*

So, in a couple of weeks, we’ll be Kickstartering! And we will have all kinds of neat goodies for sponsors (postcards! pins! pickaxes!) and also all kinds of mildly absurd goodies for sponsors (I believe at one level, I name a tree in the yard after you and put a little plaque with your name on it…) so watch this space for more information! You’ll be the first to know!


(Also, hey, Digger got nominated for the Mythopoeic Award, which is neat, too!)



*One of these things is a bald-faced lie.

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*One of these things is a bald-faced lie.

Aw, man! I was really excited about those colored inserts, too....

Me, I was willing to pony up for the balloons. :(

Meaning I need to get into my Paypal account again so I can be a sponsor. Now the question is, do I want a pin, or a pickaxe, to add to my moderator's arsenal? I can't see having a tree named after me, that would get you ticketed for Cruelty to Innocent Flora.
But having the whole of Digger in my hands at one time... and available to Push to those with bad internet connections... mmm.

IIRC, Kickstarter handles payments via Amazon.

Digger was awesome, and the stories deserve to be reprinted or expanded. I would love to see more stuff with your sapient wombat.

OH MAN why is this always when I'm broke? (hint: I'm always broke)
Ok if I sacrifice my coffee or tea stash for next month, I could be able to help.
We are talking about DIGGER. BRING THE WOMBAT LADY!

(PS I nearly mailed you with a french link to the nominee of the mythopeic award, but I figured that a: French won't help you b: you were probably warned already)

Also broke. %$*&^*. Otherwise...

Also, may I say: Hardcover edition=Good. I saw the Bone Omnibus at a comic convention last weekend, and the softcover edition looked DOOOMED to fall apart due to thickness. (And I've held down jobs in various libraries, and as the Slob Who Sticks The Kapco Jackets On, so I feel that I have *some* insight into such matters...)

*thinks of something to say*



Yes! I do want one! :)

(P.S. If you are going to have a fan art section, feel free to use the watercolor of Digger I had sent you, too.)

Edited at 2013-05-21 05:23 pm (UTC)

Ooh, ooh! Will be watching for this. Should I admit that I want one of the omnibi because I can't for the life of me manage to keep all of the print volumes in one place? They tunnel around the house when I'm not looking.

Also, cool on the mythopoeic nomination. Maybe that will give everyone's favorite wombat some new exposure.

mildly absurd goodies for sponsors

Be careful what you promise.

Gabe over at Penny Arcade ended up spending almost an hour chasing ducks while reading names because he said he would as a Kickstarter Reward

Re: mildly absurd goodies for sponsors

I move for names of donors being recited while a border collie receives scritches.

Packed and shipped a couple of 6 volume sets of Digger yesterday.

Personally, I'm holding out for the hand-tooled leather-bound omnibus one-off that I'm going to guilt you into "owing" me.

Wheeee! As soon as it is live, I will start throwing fistfuls of money at you. ^_^

Oh heck yes. Just praying the internationals hipping isn't as silly as it can be :D

Well, I've heard that it is rather silly when internationals hip. ;)

Hey, you never know what's gonna happen! I just read a four year old interview you did wherein you said you were terrible with kids' books! So we may yet see a wombat in the Macy's Parade!

You know, we could all release wombats in the Macy's Parade.

This is awesome!

...And my timing is lousy. I had discovered Digger fairly far into the online run, and so when I started reading it, there were already a few print volumes. I sorta figured I'd wait until the end, and then maybe you'd do something like this, which I would find more convenient and more satisfying than buying the six volumes separately. Then, when you let me playtest Cryptic Stitching, I started feeling guilty about the fact that I'd gotten so much enjoyment out of your work online without ever having actually bought anything of yours. So last week I ordered the six separate volumes from Sofawolf. And now this!

On the bright side, (a) I can always pretend that through the general cussedness of the universe, my placing that order somehow caused the omnibus Kickstarter to happen, and (b) when I end up with two copies of the complete Digger, it will not be hard to find someone to give one to.

I hear you. I just received all six volumes (signed) as a birthday present. Sniff.

Um, excuse me while I scream into a bag. I will totally link the KS when it opens and I really hope 1) it goes through! and 2) I can afford it.



Let me see.

I think the terminology that applies here is "Shut up and take my money," except not so much with the shutting up, so just set up the Kickstarter and take my money?

(yay yay yay yay yay)