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Market Research Ahoy!

So I'm hoping to take advantage of the swapmeet function to sell Digger T-shirts--the incomparable Ellen Million, who handles most of my merchandising, assures me that it's possible, and I'm excited by the prospect. (Irrational Fears and Gothbat T's will probably also be forthcoming, but Digger first)

And that, O dear readers, leads me to you guys, and market research.

What sort of design would you like to see in Digger T-shirts, mousepads, etc? Any particular page or panel that strikes you as "Man, that's be a great T-shirt!"? Left to my own devices, I would probably fall back on Digger leaning on the title, uttering the line "We're like biceps with feet!" but I wanted to get ideas!

Also, anything you'd like to see as a print? The color cover art? Any others? I could do signed prints of any of the pages the same way I do prints of paintings, I just don't know if people are interested in any of 'em in particular...

Thoughts, ideas, mad rambling--all welcome!

(crossposted from Digger forum)

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That lovely Ganesh splash panel--twas an early work, posted on Yerf (possibly our first sighting of him). I LOVED that one.

I'm with you on that one - that's the first thing that popped into my head. :)

An I remember aright, "REMEMBER TUNNEL 17!!" was pretty good...

And now Urs. can make a cafe and fan club ala impressionists and cabaret voltaire and call it ..TUNNEL 17.

"I am uncleeeeeean!"

*clears throat*

Well, that's the panel I remember most. :P

Yeah, I liked that one too (Might not make sense out of context, but what the hell). : )

Never mind context! Wouldn't you wear a shirt with a wombat yelling "I am uncleeeeeeeeean!"?? I sure would!

(I was actually going to ask if I could use a part of that panel as an LJ icon-this is high praise indeed coming from miss-obstinately-green(and staunchly minimalist)...:-)
I don't think it matters if its out of context-in fact, it'll add to the fun seeing what meaning people read into it. Perhaps they'll take it as a subtle hint that the wearer's beliefs forbid The Eating Of Wombat...

T-Shirt design

I like Ed.

I think the panal with Digger and the cave paintings would be a good design. Also I liked the one with the shadowchild as the big scary beast with all the teeth.

Generally I've got a preference for black t-shirts rather than white ones, but that's just me, and I don't know if it'd be doable, anyway...

Remember Tunnel 17 could certainly work as part of text or image...are these things gonna be one-sided or two?

Same here. Gimme the black T-Shirts!

Oh, and I'd definitely buy a hadrcover publication.

Another image I'd like is the cavein text... you know, the "Okay. Okay. Okay, I can handle this. I should really stop saying okay." with or without the ensuing commands ending in "And don't waste air".


I want a "don't waste [my] air" teeshirt. XD

Agreed. White t-shirts are just too... white for my taste. (That's me in my icon. The white t-shirts make me look even more pale. Bring on the black!

Any plans for hardcopy publication? Please?

> There are comic geeks and gamers out there that need small shirts!

Amen to that.


I personally would like the 'biceps with feet' one. :)

The Library! I want the Library!
And the color cover art, complete with the tacky lines.
Oh, and maybe a Gothbat "I'm so goth I have all black posters" poster with the text shiny black on a dull black background? Or the other way round?
We made freecards like this in the graphic agency I used to work during holidays in highschool... the third time around the printing company got the idea, I think. The other times we got multicolored instead of dull and shiny.


I second both motions. My mom would love the library one (being a librarian and all).

GothBat POSTERS!! Whee.

Or you could just sell the poster itself!
I would buy a "I'm so goth I have all black posters" poster!

I despise the arrogent wombat.

[Alopex] I think your "Mortal Wombat" magnet design would work on a T-shirt. You could do it in white-on-black, maybe with a rounder background element to make it look like she's bursting out of a tunnel.

I also agree that "I am uncleeeeean" would be a wonderful conversation starter!

The "Tunnel 17" panel (or an elaborated version thererof) is definitely a good idea. I also think you could do well with some sort of "group shot" of the cast--Digger, the Ganesh statue, Ed, shadowchild and Second Librarian Vo. And if there's another major character popping up soon, you could include him/her and just smile mysteriously when people ask "who's that?"...

I liked the action comic-book cover.
I don't remember whether that was you or someone else though.

"MORTAL WOMBAT," of course...

...but then there's...


(Diger in silhouette, looking down, sweating, w/thought balloon: "Malachite--cool!")

WOMBATTE'S FEAST (French art flick about food. And Wombats).
WOMBATTACA (Sci-Fi thriller about wombats being used as living memory banks).
COLD WOMBAT FARM (Digger tunnels her way into an English country gothic novel and undercuts all its cliches with good sense and sound advice).
SEVEN WOMBATS FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (The Rape of the Sabine Women done over as an upbeat family musical. With wombats. Which couldn't make it any more far-fetched).
WAITING FOR WOMBOT (Bleak existential tragicomdy about two tramps waiting for a tunnel-digger who never shows up, possibly because she took a wrong turn in Cucamonga...)

--Roly-Poly Lit-Head

Re: "MORTAL WOMBAT," of course...

And who could forget "THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WOMBAT," featuring the only ponchoed wombat ever seen on the big screen?

"This was dubbed."

"This was dubbed."
"How can you tell?"
"See how she's swinging the pick?"
"Standard wombat fashion: one-two-three-PAUSE, one-two-three-PAUSE..."
"What's the pause for?"
"To let your mucker clear rock fragments out of the hole. Which they're not showing. But that's another thing. Now listen to the sound track."
"What do you hear?"
"Right. A one-two stroke, repeated twice, and self-mucking with the spade end of the pick-head--which her pick hasn't got!-but anyway, that's badger-style excavation!"
"So you mean this movie was filmed in badger, but dubbed into wombat?"
"Why would they do that?"
"Because when this movie was made, wombats had lost interest in the 'mining' film, even though they'd invented the genre. But all the old mining flicks were really popular with badgers, in translation of course. So one day..."
"HEY--could you two quiet down?!"

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