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Caracara Saint

In other news, I spent Monday night playing D&D and working on this fellow.


8 x 16, mixed media sealed to board

I have been wanting to paint a crested caracara since I saw one in Texas last year. There is something just absurdly elegant about them and their extravagant toupees.

As always, my scanner gets a little irked on the blues–some of the dark bits are not as dark as they should be–but you get the gist.

Original going to Anthrocon, and then on to my gallery show if it doesn’t sell there.

Prints available! (The Saint of Bulls is also finally up, and prints available there, too.)

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I do like the glowing blue thorn wrapped heart, even if it makes me a little squeamish.

Delightful and so Catholic a Caracara, except they don't have a tonsure, a female saint perhaps?

South Texas resident here: Caracaras are the best birds. I see them almost every day, and still get excited.

You introduce me to the most delightful species ♥

St. Caracara has been known to eat the medallion. It's just too tempting.

Beautiful! Man, that crest... Somebody needs to dress one of these guys up like Elvis. :D

I promised them I'd tell you, so this is me, telling you: a few of my grade fours ordered your books from Scholastic and they're being lent around the class at a fantastic rate. I've gained a bunch of geek cred by saying that I once shared a table with you at a convention (though I didn't mention which one.) My grade fours think you're awesome and want you to write more Dragonbreath. :)

Awesome! Well, there'll be at least 11, probably 12...

(Together with a couple of other prints)

Now... You played D&D without posting any of the juicy bits?
That just won't do...

Well shit, that would go well with the Madonna with Goldfinches I bought from you last year at AC... noted :)

I actually let out an audible "OoooooOooooh." when that showed up on my feed. Thanks for sharing!

Ooh! You're having a gallery show?

Caracara: spanish term used to describe a large bird that lands on your patio set and scarfs down your frozen margarita

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