UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Digger Omnibus Kickstarter is LIVE

Ladies and Gentlemen, marsupials of all descriptions–WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!


We got goals. We got stretch goals. We got art. We got—are you ready? Commemorative hand-forged pickaxes.

(Also foam pickaxes.)


(And I am terrified. Utterly terrified. I have never done anything like this before.  Sofawolf is running the whole thing and I’m kinda freaked out and what if it doesn’t fund and it turns out people don’t really love me and what if it does and it way overfunds and that would be awesome except we have to commission eight hundred pickaxes and the guy making them quits in disgust and I have to learn blacksmithing to fill the orders and I set myself on fire and then I’ll be horribly burned and I’ll have to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask and we still won’t have the pickaxes and the beagle will bay hysterically when he sees me and small children will run away and my career as a children’s book author will be over as a result and OH MY GOD PEOPLE PLEASE GIVE US MONEY BUT NOT SO MUCH THAT I HAVE TO LEARN BLACKSMITHING BECAUSE I THINK THAT WILL END BADLY.)


So, uh, yeah. Check it out. I think it’s cool.

(I’m scared. Hold me, internet. But not in a creepy way.)

UPDATE: Tuesday Morning

Holy crap you guys. Holy crap. We’re like 5/6ths of the way funded overnight. Dude.

I sorta feel like that E. Nesbit line—”There are two great powers on our side, the power of love and the power of mathematics. Those two are stronger than anything in the world.”

I…dude. Thank you.

UPDATE: Tuesday at 11 at the airport

oh my god you guys we funded in twelve hours

You are all amazing. I love you. Dude. Dude.

update: still Tuesday, but at a different airport

It's a Kickstarter staff pick. And we got Boing-Boinged. This is my I-do-not-know-what-to-do-with-my-face-face.


UPDATE: oh god why is it still Tuesday

Nearly at 50K. There is frantic talk of stretch goals. I have crossed many time zones today. A small child sat behind me making fart noises and then yelling "DIARRHEA! That's cray-cray!" and shrieking hysterically and I did not disembowel said child because that would probably mean I didn't get to go to Alaska, but no jury in the world would have convicted me and then I got to Seattle and somehow it was still Tuesday.

Tuesday is becoming like Texas. Eternal. Undying. Except dude, we are at over 150% funded and that is awesome and Texas was not awesome except for High Island which had all the birds.

And I love you all and am very grateful.

I would like it to be Wednesday for a little while, though.

UPDATE: Thursday!

We hit 60K. Gotta write an illustrated story for the omnibus. (Digger and Trader Manuel? Surka and trolls? Boneclaw Mother across the Eighth Dimension?)

Dude. You guys...just...wow.

My mother called to ask what it was like to have a charmed life and I said it was like waiting to get hit by a bus ALL THE TIME and she said that every family needed a member for whom things went right and I said yeah, but those people die at forty and she said "No! Look at Oliver Cromwell!" and I said "You're comparing me to Oliver Cromwell!?" and she said he died in his sleep and that I was not a genocidal tyrant and maybe it wasn't a good analogy and anyway it was a very impressive Kickstarter and she would call back when she had a list of names of nice people who lived to a ripe old age despite their charmed lives.

So you know, I come by it honestly.

I will have an announcement completely unrelated to Kickstarter late tonight and then I'm going to Alaska for a week and the Sofawolf guys will be running things without me. Be kind to them. There is an eternity of foam pickaxes in their future.

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