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Digger Omnibus Kickstarter is LIVE

Ladies and Gentlemen, marsupials of all descriptions–WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!


We got goals. We got stretch goals. We got art. We got—are you ready? Commemorative hand-forged pickaxes.

(Also foam pickaxes.)


(And I am terrified. Utterly terrified. I have never done anything like this before.  Sofawolf is running the whole thing and I’m kinda freaked out and what if it doesn’t fund and it turns out people don’t really love me and what if it does and it way overfunds and that would be awesome except we have to commission eight hundred pickaxes and the guy making them quits in disgust and I have to learn blacksmithing to fill the orders and I set myself on fire and then I’ll be horribly burned and I’ll have to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask and we still won’t have the pickaxes and the beagle will bay hysterically when he sees me and small children will run away and my career as a children’s book author will be over as a result and OH MY GOD PEOPLE PLEASE GIVE US MONEY BUT NOT SO MUCH THAT I HAVE TO LEARN BLACKSMITHING BECAUSE I THINK THAT WILL END BADLY.)


So, uh, yeah. Check it out. I think it’s cool.

(I’m scared. Hold me, internet. But not in a creepy way.)

UPDATE: Tuesday Morning

Holy crap you guys. Holy crap. We’re like 5/6ths of the way funded overnight. Dude.

I sorta feel like that E. Nesbit line—”There are two great powers on our side, the power of love and the power of mathematics. Those two are stronger than anything in the world.”

I…dude. Thank you.

UPDATE: Tuesday at 11 at the airport

oh my god you guys we funded in twelve hours

You are all amazing. I love you. Dude. Dude.

update: still Tuesday, but at a different airport

It's a Kickstarter staff pick. And we got Boing-Boinged. This is my I-do-not-know-what-to-do-with-my-face-face.


UPDATE: oh god why is it still Tuesday

Nearly at 50K. There is frantic talk of stretch goals. I have crossed many time zones today. A small child sat behind me making fart noises and then yelling "DIARRHEA! That's cray-cray!" and shrieking hysterically and I did not disembowel said child because that would probably mean I didn't get to go to Alaska, but no jury in the world would have convicted me and then I got to Seattle and somehow it was still Tuesday.

Tuesday is becoming like Texas. Eternal. Undying. Except dude, we are at over 150% funded and that is awesome and Texas was not awesome except for High Island which had all the birds.

And I love you all and am very grateful.

I would like it to be Wednesday for a little while, though.

UPDATE: Thursday!

We hit 60K. Gotta write an illustrated story for the omnibus. (Digger and Trader Manuel? Surka and trolls? Boneclaw Mother across the Eighth Dimension?)

Dude. You guys...just...wow.

My mother called to ask what it was like to have a charmed life and I said it was like waiting to get hit by a bus ALL THE TIME and she said that every family needed a member for whom things went right and I said yeah, but those people die at forty and she said "No! Look at Oliver Cromwell!" and I said "You're comparing me to Oliver Cromwell!?" and she said he died in his sleep and that I was not a genocidal tyrant and maybe it wasn't a good analogy and anyway it was a very impressive Kickstarter and she would call back when she had a list of names of nice people who lived to a ripe old age despite their charmed lives.

So you know, I come by it honestly.

I will have an announcement completely unrelated to Kickstarter late tonight and then I'm going to Alaska for a week and the Sofawolf guys will be running things without me. Be kind to them. There is an eternity of foam pickaxes in their future.

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well, now I'm glad I never got around to buying the individual volumes....

Ummm, I was about the 3rd person to sign on... by the time I finished watching the vid it was over $1,200.
Rah! Rah! Keep on Kicking!

Oh, and I have a friend who is a blacksmith. Maybe I can talk him into backup for you...

Edited at 2013-06-11 02:14 am (UTC)

It's at $16K in at this point. I'm SO excited. Except I can't quite decide which amazing extra to go for. A pickaxe or stained glass. This is hard!

I am an official supporter! And GODS do I wish I had the money for my very own hand forged pickaxe. *sobs*

I will be content with my foam pickaxe.

But don't you want to learn blacksmithing?

What zwol said!

Blacksmithing is awesome. No really. Blacksmithing is so awesome that my bridal shower was me and twelve of my friends heating up iron until it was glowing yellow hot and then pounding the snert out of it and making stuff with it!

My teacher has a couple of wonderful rants about why blacksmithing is awesome. And it's terrific stress relief. (Nothing says, "Good bye bad day," like pounding a glowing piece of steel flat with a big mucking hammer. :)

I refreshed the page, saw this announcement, went straight there, fiddled around a bit figuring out the various levels, pledged... and now it's at $2,390

It's at $5585 now.

Ursula, you may want to consider a new career in blacksmithing. :)

(Also, yay book!)

Now I just have to decide which level I want and can afford this month...

My 20 something cat frequently wakes up to find me staring intently at her, watching for her breathing. She seems to really hate that.

I'm not sure the internet can hold you in a non-creepy way, Ursula.

[hugs, hopefully not creepy ones] I was going to pat you gently on the shoulder and say something reassuring about not setting yourself on fire, and how we'd all still like you even if you did. However, I made the mistake of reading through the full description and all of the amazing things you're offering, and now all my brain can come up with is "Dude. That's Just So Cool." I mean, you've got foam pickaxes and hand-forged pickaxes and stained glass and putting people's names in your garden and magnets and so much cool stuff! You designed the rewards so that even the small levels get something nice and the bigger levels don't miss out on the little nice stuff to get really amazingly awesome stuff.

Plus, you timed this perfectly so that I can drop hints for my birthday, and if none of my friends pick up on them, I can get it for myself afterwards!

"What if it doesn't fund" is not within the realm of possibility. I strongly suspect that "what if it doesn't fund within 24 hours" is also not within the realm of possibility.

"What if it does and it way overfunds" is highly probable. As for the rest, I leave it to prophets who are wiser in the ways of Ursula-kind.

Given that Kicktraq currently thinks that it's trending towards hitting 894% funded, I think overfunding is not only highly probable, but incredibly so.

Can you not put a cap on the pickaxe incentive?

There's only ten pickaxes, I think. But it's the same part of my brain that is secretly convinced the IRS will tax me at 150%.


*goes to tell everyone*

I'm all for you over-funding like whoa. :D

since i'm up in the Great White North, if i want a certain amount of swag, do i go on Kickstarter, pledge at that amount, and then send you the extra shipping after?

Re: i have a question...

I'm also in Canada; you just tack on the extra shipping indicated after you select your pledge amount. It's pretty straightforward.

Hey, this is exciting! I'll pledge you some bucks, I got some student loan money coming in in a few months. My college will fund my Ursula-based drug habit (don't do drugs, kids)! I'm super excited, I hope the kickstarter goes well :Dd

No catching yourself on fire, though. Put the beagle on fire extinguisher duty, if you must.