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Anthrocon ho!

I will be at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this weekend, and hitting the road tomorrow.

(If you come over to steal stuff because of this post and the petsitter isn’t home, please have the decency to take the beagle along with my valuables. He will require six Benadryl and an anti-fungal a day, and you have to sing “BEEEEEAAGLE-CHEEEEESE!” to get him to come take the pills, even though he’ll only eat them in a hot dog. Also, you have to massage his ear twice a day to keep the swelling down. Enjoy your new beagle. He will love you and pee often.)

You have all been awesome beyond measure in the last thread and I’m honored to have such a damn decent bunch of readers. I will not have as much time to police the threads and it’s hard to freeze them all without deleting comments, so keep being awesome and if any trolls show up, somebody ping me on Twitter rather than engaging, please? (@UrsulaV)

There will be art and resin sheep heads from Wool-Tribe at the AC art show.

…and yes, Wombat will come with us. (I really must post his travelogue here at some point.)

Also, we’re nearly at 100K on the omnibus Kickstarter, and I am probably going to have to design a tribal wombat tattoo…

ETA: At an excellent suggestion, I am locking the last thread. All comments should remain visible (that's my intent!) but this way we won't attract trolls while I'm out of town. My apologies if this catches anyone mid-post.

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If you want to turn off the comments here on LJ you can just edit the entry and select "Locked" from the Comments dropdown. That will freeze all of the comments to the entry and prevent new ones while still allowing the old ones to be seen. When you get back you you just need to select "Default" to turn commenting back on again.

Gonna practice on this thread real quick!

Yay! It works!

Edited at 2013-07-03 03:06 am (UTC)

Wish I could go, but alas!

I shall see if my buddy Don wants to be my proxy Ursula-herd.

Also, with regards to Wool-Tribe, I have uncovered evidence of their neighboring clan, who were known for coloring their yarns and felts with glorious shades, bright and vivid as the sunset. However, they tended to launch into long screaming rants about which colors were better, which ones were awful, etc. Thus, the Dye-a-Tribe was often avoided...

Also also, I still say we need to have Kevin and Ursula Learn Blacksmithing.

Edited at 2013-07-03 02:33 am (UTC)

I want a pod cast of Ursula blacksmithing so bad I volunteer to teach her. And Kevin of course. If they want to come to oregon. Strangely anvils do not travel well.

For the Tribe!!!!

I'll trade you for wood or brick?

I would not trade Pludwhump for anything.

I've got wood for sheep.

(*someone* had to make the joke)

If they decide to return the favor, that'll mean that sheep have wood for you. (or ewe, I guess.) Might be distinctly uncomfortable; rams are pushy.

See you there! Hope the con goes well for you.

Honored skin-painter...

Also, we’re nearly at 100K on the omnibus Kickstarter, and I am probably going to have to design a tribal wombat tattoo…

Okay, it feels kind of weird to say this, but I also sort of feel like someone should:

As a backer of the Digger omnibus Kickstarter, I do not consider that part of the $100,000 stretch goal to be a binding commitment in any way. If getting a tribal wombat tattoo is something that you want to do anyway, and the money will make it possible, then that's great, and I will be very happy to admire any pictures you choose to post. Indeed, I assume that if it weren't something you wanted to do, you wouldn't have listed it as a stretch goal. But... if for any reason you decide that you would rather not, I really don't want you to think that a bunch of people pledging money to publish an awesome omnibus edition of your graphic novel obliges you to make (semi-)permanent modifications to your dermis. This is something over which you have absolute and irrevocable sovereignty, no matter what promises you may have made to your adoring public. And obviously I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd like to believe that all thirteen hundred or so backers would concur, to the extent that it's possible for thirteen hundred people to agree about anything.

(But I damn well want that T-shirt.)

Re: Honored skin-painter...


Re: Honored skin-painter...

She could always design the tattoo for fans to get it if they like.

Re: Honored skin-painter...

Hee! I appreciate that, actually. Such things can go badly wrong.

I will say, however, that in my case it's much more an "And now I have an excuse!"

If it goes to $200K, do we get to specify WHERE it goes? :D

Pretty sure at 200k, her mom gets to personally tattoo the NY Times mention on Ursula's forehead.

She's the only one in the family with legible handwriting, that's for sure...

I will come and take the beagle and leave the other valuables.

Safe trip, sell much art, and I am dancing in my chair for the omnibus making its final stretch goal.


*does a happy dance*

I am thrilled, not just for the tat although that is awesome, but because the popularity of Digger now allows Sofawolf to hire professionals! That is fantastic! I'm so happy for them!

of course now I'm kind of torn, because I know if it stops somewhere between 105K and 130K, and there's only audio track for *some* of the books, I will feel Incomplete.

Yes. All of this. But particularly the bit about the 105k to 130k thing. I suspect my competionism is showing.

Also, we’re nearly at 100K on the omnibus Kickstarter, and I am probably going to have to design a tribal wombat tattoo…

Oh, how you suffer. ;-)

Seriously, considering how much I squee every time I get new ink, I can't imagine looking forward to it with anything other than glee. Although I do understand the difficulty of design effort... I'm not an artist, but I've designed many of my tats (all hail clip art and image manipulation programs) and sometimes it gets to be a combination of massive PITA and obsession...

Looks like you cracked 100K! Congrats!

Enjoy AnthroCon!

Finally joined as a (slightly) belated birthday present to myself. (Also to snag a Winterthing gift for my brother- and sister-in-law.) Woohoo!


So is the tattoo design also the T-shirt design?

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