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(no subject)

Speaking of market research...

A temporary poverty looms on the horizon for James and Ursula, as the taxes for moving expenses finally get yoinked from the paycheck, causing it to wither and shrivel like a salted slug. Que sera sera, these things happen, money always comes from somewhere and we aren't going to starve, we're just down in the red for a month and forced to dip into funds that I was hoping to put towards paying off the rather hefty taxes we're owin' this year.(Ironically, I'm plenty busy--even got a waiting list built up again!--but they're mostly things that won't pay until publication and so forth. Isn't that always the way?)

However, I'm devoting today (and possibly part of tomorrow) to doing some quick little watercolor pieces, which I'll be putting up for auction in the $15-to-$50 range. I don't expect to make a killing or anything, but I figure they're in a price range low enough to appeal to people who might like to buy art but can't afford the heftier price tags on the bigger stuff.

So, hey, anything you guys have always wanted to see? I can't promise I'll get to 'em, but since I'm just noodling around anyway, I'd be glad to hear anything that you liked in a past sketch or think might be a cute/neat quicky piece or whatever. So far I've got wombat beefcake, a chicken doomsayer, a My Little Slug, and a peculiar donkey in the works...and god knows, what *I* think people want is often wildly at odds with the reality...

I've always loved your rockin' skunk!

*grin* That's exactly the sort of thing I'm thinking of...small, not terribly complex, but still with charm (or at least weirdness!)

I could go for more wombat playing poker stuff personally.

A malevolent, or at least relatively devious, unicorn.

Malevolent unicorn sounds good to me, too! And I really want to see the donkey!

I liked the aristocratic heron, it would be interesting to see a different version of him (her?)

So, would this be a good time to order those prints I've been wanting?

*grin* Hey, it's never a bad time to order prints...

The "Woman with Ideas" from your long ago sketch, more gnomish creatures like the newt painter and the cardinals, and of course, more frogs. You also had a sketch of a flying pig I liked, I think around the time of your cute phase.

OMG, yes, the Cardinals...
My folks are Catholic, and *loved* the cardnal pic you did.

[Alopex] How about a whole underwater rock band made up entirely of alien-looking invertebrate sea creatures like those huge pillbugs, horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers, flatworms and the like?

Wow! That's actually a really interesting notion...might be a little more complex than I want to do for these quick pieces, but it'd be a cool thing to visit at greater length.

The notion of a horseshoe crab drummer just appeals to me for some reason...

Have you ever done an otter? or a satyr?

Punk. Vegetable. Band.

Oh, and remember Spike and the Mice? I am inordinately fond of Spike and the Mice, and would love to see something, um, Spike and the Mice-ish.

I don't know how she'd translate to quick little watercolor, but one can always use more Gothbat.

and the woodlice :)

Anything with a chinchilla :)

Someone already mentioned the woman whose brain was being devoured by ideas, so I'll just say "word" to that.

Am passionately fond of elephants, myself, and if I remember correctly they don't crop up in your galleries much. This could be a perfect time to rectify that...

Anything invertabrae, and second for the underappreciated horseshoe crabs...More snails might be great too...