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I have the fearsome con-crud with the headache and the bodyache and the sinuses poured full of concrete and the sporadic wracking cough.

That is all.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon.

Go see a Doctor if you can, if its what I had, it may be worse than just a regular crud from a con. I got mine from a con in February, and still have the cough, sometimes its really really bad...I'm on County Medical so the coverage is minimal but if you can see a doctor, do so!

warning: the sinuses and sporadic wracking cough seem to be persistent (at least in my case)

Hope you feel better soon!

Behold the karmic yin to the yang of that award.

But in all seriousness, that sucks. Get well soon.

Hot tea and whiskey, with lemon and honey. If it doesn't cure it, it makes you not care.

Feel better soon.

Aw, poor Ursy!

But, are you sure it's the Con Crud? AC ended over a week ago - when did you come down with this? Knock on wood, I'm still feeling fine, but then I'm guessing you partied a lot harder (i.e., *worked*) than this old birdy did that weekend. In any event, please do feel better soon! And if not, I'll just have to come down there and have a word or two with that Crud of yours. (Or maybe you could sic your resident Scary Bald Man on it?)

I started noticing it Thursday night, so I think it's probably the crud, yeah. It took overdoing it over the weekend to really flatten me, though. (But I had a new flamethrower to try out! I'M NOT MADE OF STONE!)

Few can resist the power of a flamethrower.

Now you're really ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. *nodnodnod*

Have Kevin make you your Cure For What Ails You with the good vodka.

You can always fly over here right now. Comic-Con is on.


Sorry to hear you got the crud!

Thank you so much for the signature at AC! It's all framed and waiting for some picture hangers!

Yeuch! I Hope you feel better soon. Hot honey and lemon with your favourite strong spirit - Baileys, Ginger Wine, whiskey, whatever suits your fancy, so long as there is enough alcohol in it to kill bugs and leave you with a pleasant enough buzz the crud can't touch you.

Wouldn't Baileys curdle if you mix it with lemon?

I don't know, I don't drink it, it is my OH's sovereign remedy for any upper respiratory tract attack. Googling also produces a number of cocktails that contain Baileys and lemon juice, including one entitled "Pain, Pain Go Away" which contains : Bailey's irish cream, lemon, Tabasco sauce, Irish whiskey and ginger ale.

I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. As the others have said, beverages with lots of water and vitiman C and booze to flavor. Chicken soup with lots of garlic. enough other food for a balanced diet. And a beagle to gaze mournfully at you. Get well soon. Your flamethrower awaits.

"I have the fearsome con-crud with the headache and the bodyache and the sinuses poured full of concrete and the sporadic wracking cough."



I coined a different term for the crud awhile back: confluenza.
Get well, youse.

Well, when they had the nasty bug go through PAX a few years ago, there was also 'Pax Pox'.

I find ginger's really good for knocking out a cough. It's pretty good for clearing your sinuses and subduing nausea too.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

:( no good! hope you feel better soon!

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