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More Fun With Drafting Film

Gray colored pencil instead of graphite this time—made life much easier! Layered it over a print with the gray trees in the background so we got more of the layered, foggy look. (Next time, I may do TWO layers. Madness!)

Still not entirely sure what that little critter is. It was originally some sort of tarsier, but I think there’s been some genetic drift.


6ish by 12ish

I haven’t drawn seriously twisty trees in ages. I forgot how soothing that is. And at the same time, how maddening.

Original will probably go to that gallery show I’m trying to assemble art for…

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Now that is just lovely. I bet I can't afford the original, but I would put a print on my wall in a heartbeat.

G'ah! I love this! Hooray for twisty trees! Trees forever! (maddingly, gloriously, zennishly, FOREVER! Join the TreeCult!)

*ehm* sorry, anyhow, love this piece

Aw, the Ring-tailed Thingy looks so lost and alone... (love the tree, it's so sinuous that I expect it to actually be a huge snake)

When you get sick, great things happen. These film drawings are just splendid. Ain't no other word for them.

I love it!! This is a fantastic new medium for you! :)

(Hope you're feeling better -- and STAY IN BED!)

-- A ^___^

Well, clearly these were tarsiers that were genetically isolated on twisty tree island. OBVIOUSLY there is genetic drift. :P

I find twisty tree textures are deliciously zen.

...and feathered wings but I may be the odd one out here.

Not drawing, but I've got a sculpting project at the moment to which I'm adding feathers one at a time. There is something a little meditative about it.

Where's my upvote/like button? :)

This would make an awesome tee-shirt graphic. I'm just sayin'. I mean, sure, a print on the wall would be cool, but that linework's just made for a tee shirt.

I'm curious if your Mom has a on line gallery somewhere, I'd love to see how she does her trees?

The little fuzzy looks rather pleased to have found a safe place :)



You'll be looking for the black series if you want twisty.

Wonderful thank you! :)

Oooh, I'd love to see more art done on this medium. I hope I get to see some of it in person someday. Ever thought of attending Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle? It's a fantastic moderately-large convention (over 50,000 attendees last year) and as far as I know from talking with artists and guests there, they do a pretty good job overall. It's been around since 2003.

I thought the little critter was the rare Cornute Kinkajou, a New-World sort of critter. Is his tail prehensile?

You are killing me with the ringed thingie. Just so you know.

I'm a terrible person, but I just want to cut that tree open so I can see what the grain looks like. I bet it's pretty wacky!

I love your little beings, *especially* for their genetic drift, but you have mad skills with the twisty trees - those are beautiful.

Yay colored pencil!

I'm interested in seeing photographs of the layered works, if you make more. I suspect the scanner flattens it out a bit-- I only know that I'm looking at two layers because you said so.

Lovely! I used to love drawing trees, back before I got it into my head that I can't draw. And I adore the little critter!

Aww poor little itty bitty thingy all alone in a seriously twisty wood. That is not so much Genetic drift as an entire snowstorm!

I'm not sure what the little critter is, but somehow, it seems happier, as if it needed to have its proper environment around it.

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