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Finally say "28 Days Later."

Hmm. Not bad. About as good as a zombie movie gets, I suppose. Not that scary, although the fast, rasping zombies were rather more alarming than shambling "Braaaaaiins..." types. Although, as with many horror movies, I found myself saying, over and over, "Stupid, stupid people." "I know there are zombies in dark rooms, and I know this place is chock full 'o bodies, but I'm going to go poking around alone, with only a baseball bat, because I'm bored!"

If I am ever in a zombie movie, I anticipate dying off-screen in the inital wave of carnage, because I will be busy thinking about painting wombats and will thus answer the door with a paintbrush in my teeth, and my dying thought will probably be "Hey, these don't look like Jehovah's Witnesses." Thus I will never get a chance to demonstrate my amazing intellect by not poking around in dark cellars, staying with the group, sitting quietly when people who know more about it than I do tell me not to turn on any lights, and never, NEVER, going back for the cat (I love the cat dearly, but I'd have let the alien eat it) etc, but I assure you, it would've been inspiring.

No blooper reel, though. Guess it just wasn't that kind of flick.

A big thanks to everyone who suggest t-shirt and sketch ideas! I'll be working on those--expect the auctions to start up near the end of the week. Y'all rock.

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If the world ever turns into a horror movie, I fully intend to lead a small group of survivalists and gamers who recognize what the rules are and do their damnedest to optimize their life strategies. Stay together. Kill all threats. Vampirism and zombification are contagious diseases; report it if infected. Etc.

Of course, a movie of such things might seem a little pat, but that's the way I like my survival. :)

Mmm, I smell metaquote.

When Whats-His-Face (Jim?) and Whats-Her-Face (Selena, I'm pretty sure) met up with the Frank and Hannah, I told my girlfriend, "There's something off about them. They're zombie sympathizers or cannibals or he sexually abuses her or something."
She told me I was crazy, but I still think they gave off that impression when first encountered.

I had the same feeling. That was intentional on the director's part, I think -- keeps you uncomfortable, even when it looks like something good is happening.

Not...scary?? I've never been so traumatized by a film in my life. But zombies are one of my THINGS. I've had long, elaborate narrative nightmares that bore a very eerie resemblance to that film, so naturally it was a rather unsettling experience for me.

I agree about the stupid people, though. Back when I wanted to be a filmmaker, one of my goals was to create a horror film script in which no one did anything blatantly stupid. I'm not sure it's actually possible.

I try to make a distinction in horror movies between people who do stupid things because either the character is stupid or they make a mistake, and people who do stupid things because the scriptwriter needs the characters to do something or be somewhere specific, and he doesn't have the brains to figure out how to do it. I'm willing to forgive stupid behavior if it truly flows from the characters, although I may be happy to see the stupid characters die horribly. So, it may well be possible to write a script where no one does anything stupid, but a movie where nobody ever makes mistakes and does everything right could seem as artificial as one where characters walk into dark basements without flashlights and read out loud from mysterious grimoires they found in the attic.

Actually, the movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn' was pretty darned good for having no stupid people. Insane things happened, but no one did really stupid things like opening doors or going into dark places. When they went down, they were either surprised or overwhelmed by the bad guys. It was a surprisingly good movie. Just expect a bizarre beginning that suddenly takes a sharp turn toward the weird.

Only big thing I saw with 28 Days later... the zombies took... oh... three months to starve? And yet whenever you saw them they were constantly projectile-vomiting blood. It seems like if I were spewing blood everywhere constantly, I'd be dying a lot faster than in three months.

Speaking of Zombie Movies:
http://slate.msn.com/id/2097751/ <-- an article on fast-zombies. I thought it was amusing.

I wanna go into filmmaking.

Man 1: "Oh no! Zombies!
Man 2: "Don't worry, they're just the slow moving kind. Wait... over there, zombie triathletes! Look out! That one's got a bicycle!"
Zombie, peddling furiously: "Raaah!!"

I have lots of feelings about that movie both good and bad

i have nightmares about that post apocalyptic wake up and the world is gone
conversely i have also had many good dreams like that

the other day i just had an entry in my Journal on here about being kept up all night from zombie nightmares that began before i even went to sleep and i commented that i could survive an attack by zombies as long as they were not the speed freak 28 days type cause i am decent with a sword (and everyone else would want a gun HAHHAAHHAHAHAHA you don't need to reload a gun and zombies from the movies i have seen can take quite a lot of bullets )

And stupid people in horror movies make me ill
thats why i loved Night of the Demon - it proved the point that a comedian once said about only white people would be that stupid, Something my mate concurs with, because the black guy in that film would not even go into the possesed house and the nerd chick was the only one that went in hat got out cause she was smart and hid. That movie brought joy to me for another reason the 3 main charachters (at least you are led to believe such) who are the Jock the Cheerleader and the Occult dabbling Girl the ones that just have the "we will be the heros of the movie" thing going on are the first to die

the sequel was even better (such a rare occurance) because of the battle Nun

and lastly my favorite thing in that movie cause yes i am a pervert but finally getting to see a decent looking naked man in a film was nice considering it was not sexual he was not a he man and well it was just cool

Go for height. conserve ammo, wear the ww2 Katana, ands spend the daytime trenching.

Oddly right after your comment, on my friend's List was one with this link to a woman who rides her Motorcycle around Chernobyl


Creeoy in the day time.


My fiance and I just saw Dawn of the Dead this past Sunday (we saw 28 Days Later on our second date), and it also has fast-moving, feral zombies, which I quite prefer over the slowly ambling, clumsy ones, which have never seemed particularly threatening to me (if I can out run them or easily knock them over with a well-placed swat with a 2x4, I'm not that worried).

I definitely liked 28 Days Later, but I have to say that Dawn of the Dead had me twitching in my seat, which I almost *never* do at horror movies (either because I'm desensitized because of having watched so much of the horror genre in my time, or because I'm just that sick, I dunno), so if you get a chance, I'd definitely recommend seeing it (you'll still have to put up with people doing stupid stuff, as in all horror movies, but I think they were on the whole a little smarter in Dawn of the Dead than in most. The constant bickering was a little annoying, though. And there's a girl that goes after a dog she gets attached to, but she's just a teenager and her whole family died when the carnage started, so I guess it's understandable why she'd make what is obvious to those of us on the outside as a bad choice).



Wombats indeed. ^__^

From metaquotes.

*dies laughing* I'd probably go the same way...

I got bored with 28 days later and stopped watching it after the zombies appeared. I wasn't in the mood to make up excuses for why the whole idea might actually be plausible. I have to be in the right mood (and wear my suspenders of disbelief +4) to watch a movie like that.

The annoying thing about 28 Days Later was that I was able to predict the story, the whole way through. As soon as it started I had the end, and each plot twist...wasn't. It just felt like it was scripted for someone's drama A-level. Which is a pity since the effedcts and style were so good.

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