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Finally say "28 Days Later."

Hmm. Not bad. About as good as a zombie movie gets, I suppose. Not that scary, although the fast, rasping zombies were rather more alarming than shambling "Braaaaaiins..." types. Although, as with many horror movies, I found myself saying, over and over, "Stupid, stupid people." "I know there are zombies in dark rooms, and I know this place is chock full 'o bodies, but I'm going to go poking around alone, with only a baseball bat, because I'm bored!"

If I am ever in a zombie movie, I anticipate dying off-screen in the inital wave of carnage, because I will be busy thinking about painting wombats and will thus answer the door with a paintbrush in my teeth, and my dying thought will probably be "Hey, these don't look like Jehovah's Witnesses." Thus I will never get a chance to demonstrate my amazing intellect by not poking around in dark cellars, staying with the group, sitting quietly when people who know more about it than I do tell me not to turn on any lights, and never, NEVER, going back for the cat (I love the cat dearly, but I'd have let the alien eat it) etc, but I assure you, it would've been inspiring.

No blooper reel, though. Guess it just wasn't that kind of flick.

A big thanks to everyone who suggest t-shirt and sketch ideas! I'll be working on those--expect the auctions to start up near the end of the week. Y'all rock.

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I have lots of feelings about that movie both good and bad

i have nightmares about that post apocalyptic wake up and the world is gone
conversely i have also had many good dreams like that

the other day i just had an entry in my Journal on here about being kept up all night from zombie nightmares that began before i even went to sleep and i commented that i could survive an attack by zombies as long as they were not the speed freak 28 days type cause i am decent with a sword (and everyone else would want a gun HAHHAAHHAHAHAHA you don't need to reload a gun and zombies from the movies i have seen can take quite a lot of bullets )

And stupid people in horror movies make me ill
thats why i loved Night of the Demon - it proved the point that a comedian once said about only white people would be that stupid, Something my mate concurs with, because the black guy in that film would not even go into the possesed house and the nerd chick was the only one that went in hat got out cause she was smart and hid. That movie brought joy to me for another reason the 3 main charachters (at least you are led to believe such) who are the Jock the Cheerleader and the Occult dabbling Girl the ones that just have the "we will be the heros of the movie" thing going on are the first to die

the sequel was even better (such a rare occurance) because of the battle Nun

and lastly my favorite thing in that movie cause yes i am a pervert but finally getting to see a decent looking naked man in a film was nice considering it was not sexual he was not a he man and well it was just cool

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