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More fun with drafting film!

I had this sketch in my sketchbook with the line “DO SOMETHING WITH THIS!!” scribbled underneath. I obey my sketchbook. It’s the only way to keep it from chewing on my brain in the small hours of the night.

I had two brown colored pencils for this one, instead of three gray ones. As an initial experiment I was pretty pleased. (I think I do best with VERY limited palettes with this stuff…see also Dragonbreath…) And drafting film is at least keeping me interested, which is more than I can say for a lot of mediums…


6 x 18ish.

I would make a drinking game out of how many people on Deviantart are going to start in on the anatomy, but my liver is still recovering from Sharknado.

Prints! Yes. That is a thing we can do, if you really want a freaky-faced giant tiger snarling at you from behind the toilet.*

*I assume all art is hung behind the toilet. I think it’s because I hang a lot of art there.

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...is it awful that I do, in fact, have one of your pieces hanging behind a toilet?

Clearly it's not at all awful, but indeed absolutely appropriate!

I have no space over my toilet for art, I've got cabinetry there.
However, I do want the tiger-demon.

Hey, stop with the"it's not anatomically correct", it's a *demon*! Probably preys on 24 headed otters. And doves that can't tell rosemary from grass. And possibly bandersnatches.
Who ever heard of an anatomically correct demon?

I agree. It's a tiger demon. That way my mind doesn't completely go insane trying to figure out the anatomy.

Do you just keep changing the art behind the toilet? Or do you have a lot of toilets? Or is the wall behind the toilet just filled with frames?

"...dammit, will you all STOP LOOKING AT ME!"

I hung a poster for Pan's Labyrinth behind one of our toilets.

My husband doesn't use that bathroom anymore.

Reminds me of this freaky tiger demon..http://www.meekcomic.com/2010/05/17/2-36/

I like his anatomy. It reminds me of Tibetan masks.

And I get paid on FRIDAY!!

Thank you Ursula for your as always exceptional timing. I needed one more birthday gift for My Husband.

This, this is impressive.

I agree with the folks saying this is a demon. Specifically, it's a sand-demon that drowses in the dunes in the desert during the day, and comes out at night to eat unwary travelers. You've just caught it in transitional form, is all.

I am in the comments to post EXACTLY THAT.

I don't have your art behind the toilet, but it is in the bathroom! The sea monster with a sock puppet hung next to my washing machine for many years, but now it's in the kids' bathroom. I love that thing, it always makes me smile. My beige box powder room (3 tiny warm beige walls and one mirror) hosts not 1, not 2, but three of my mother-in-law's watercolors from when she took a class.

Is best viewed when as a sake bottle label or tattooed on a Yakuza.

And, as an aside, CATfish do bark!

Tattooed on a Yakuza and viewed through a sake bottle?

I don't have any art in my bathroom, but I've got a print of Taxman II in my kitchen next to an old dyed wood chip mosaic of a peacock.

Your phalloi phoenix is in my living room, tucked up in a corner where it's clearly visible, but doesn't attract the eye.

For some reason this reminds me of Hosukai's Great Wave.

Friend of mine has an oni mask hanging up FACING the toilet.

He watches you pee.

We have a full-length mirror facing the toilet. So we watch ourselves pee. We didn't put it there, I should note; that's all on the landlord.