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Art Dump

Finally uploaded some art from the last year over at DeviantArt, including a few piece from cons that I never got around to putting up.

Sir Edelweiss Lemurling and His Turnip

Mysticon 2012

Badge for Ben Raccoon

Starvation Moon


Slate Rabbit I


Starvation Moon is very very goth.

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Oh I love Starvation Moon....


Though I think I'm worried about what Slate Rabbit has been up to. I'm getting a Mack the Knife vibe from it.

It's 10:30am in New Zealand and I'm still not convinced that I'll sleep well tonight, thanks to Starvation Moon.

Aaaand the next time one of my beloved hippie-riffic friends gives me grief about rejoicing in venison carefully hunted, cleaned, and cooked, I'm going to send them directly to Starvation Moon. Because I have yet to comprehend how letting the bulk of a herd starve is kinder than removing a few so the rest have more fodder and space.

If they're animal rights people, you'll never convince them. The deer have a "right" to starve to death according to them. Get a bunch of animals rights crazies in the same room with animal welfare people and there is much anger and gnashing of teeth. Especially since 90% of the animal welfare people are usually in the veterinary field.

(Deleted comment)
This. So much this.
I don't know. Some of my folk don't eat anything that had a mother who cared and they don't give me crap about exercising my pointy teeth; some of my folk would just rather their meat came wrapped in plastic with its lovely responsible pedigree stamped on the wrapper, and they shudder at the thought of eating Bambi. I love my friends, but every now and then... ~facepalm~

I blame the fact I've been reading alt.net... I looked at Starvation Moon, and mentally captioned it; "Welcome to Detroit".

I love Sir Edelweiss and Canis.

I see Lord Edelweiss, but where's Lady Ludmilla? ^_~

*grin* Somewhere in the folder stuffed with uncorrected scans...

I love Sir Edelweiss and his lap-turnip.

Fun fact: the name "Lemuria" was actually derived from the word lemur. It was coined by a zoologist trying to explain why lemur fossils can be found in Madagascar and India, but not Africa or the middle east. This was in the 1800s, well before plate tectonics or its precursor, continental drift, were around. He hypothesized that a now-sunken land area, which he called Lemuria, had linked the two locations.

Edited at 2013-07-27 10:23 pm (UTC)

Starvation Moon is fucking awesome. And of course deer starve to death in the winter... o/` It's the CIRRRRCLE of LIIIIIFE~! o/`

"We ate our dead and found them still hungry inside us," is the creepiest sentence I've seen in a long, long time.

Also, for some reason it reminds me of the Skins.

on a total tangent from art:

Your blog is currently #3 in the Top Journals list of all time, and #2 for today. :)
(from the LJ front page, where I don't normally go.)

There is absofuckinglutely going to be a doom deer hanging in my house now.

That line *has* to be an epigraph in something I write. Now I need to write it.

So, you know, thank you for being inspiring and shit.

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