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Flower Fly

Snapped a photo of this tiny insect out in the garden. I’m kind of amazed the phone even got it.


Probably Ocyptamus spp. Thanks to Beatriz Moisset for the ID!

Those flowers are the orange trumpets of an Agastache cultivar. The flower fly himself was only the size of my thumbnail and resembled the tiniest dragonfly you’ve ever seen.

As an adult, he feeds on nectar. His larvae (I am told this is a “he”) eat aphids, which means he’s more than welcome in any garden I ever grow. The Ocyptamus genus is huge, endemic to the New World, mostly neotropical, and now you know as much about them as I do.

Also saw my first Eastern Fence Lizard in the garden today, which is a new lizard for the yard list. He was very, very, very fast and I did not get any photos.

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Man what big eyes he's got! The wings are lovely and would do well for a Fairy, especially of the Punk Persuasion.

Fence lizards typically hang out in the shadier parts of the forest, and dispose of stolen property.

*snrk* You win 10 internets for this.

You took that with a phone??? That's quite amazing to me.

This is why Kodak died.

I googled "Eastern Fence Lizard". They seem to look a bit like Bearded Dragons.

Cool pattern though.

Fence lizards are great. The western Sceloporus occidentalis we've got around here tend to pause mid-retreat and do angry little pushups at whoever displaced them. I hope you'll be treated to that sight by your fence lizards... it's pretty entertaining.

That is a marvelous image!

I grew basil in my garden just so I could make basil oil. Last night, I harvested, made the first two jars, and then realized I was out of olive oil for the third one. Oh well, two basil oil jars are better than none? ;)

Thanks for the recipe, and you might want to re-post it because I had to re-listen to the podcast to get it again.

Ooh, what an awesome shot! I have of little syrphid flies pretending to be bees on my Agastache, but I don't know if I've seen any of these, hm, neotropical, so they may not get much further north. I'll have to keep an eye out.

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