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Sugar Cube Golem

My buddy Mur Lafferty has a book series out—the first one is “The Shambling Guide To New York City”

The sequel is going to be called “Ghost Train To New Orleans” and is the reason we spent a couple of the days in the French Quarter last year. (Many of our adventures will appear therein! Read it to see a vampire utter my dialogue!)

Anyway, one of the characters has a little golem made out of sugar cubes. And Mur loved the potato salad from Dragonbreath, and for her birthday she wanted a sugar cube golem in the same vein, which is the sort of thing that I can totally do.


So happy birthday to Mur! Go buy her book or at least download some sample chapters to see if you enjoy it!

And now, back to making an icon set for the Digger Kickstarter rewards…

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The potato salad was awesome. :)

Awww, he's cute.

I got in on the Kickstarter, which makes me very happy. I wish Digger stuffies had been one of the rewards. I can totally see a little wombat in a leather vest, carrying a small pack and pickaxe, on my desk at work.

One of the most memorable D&D adventures my husband run involved a pizza golem.

*likes Sugar Cube Golem*

Which would also be an awesome band name ...

It looks wonderfully cute.

And yet, it somehow brings to my mind the creatures from the Doldrums, from The Phantom Tollbooth.

Oh! I saw that book and thought it looked good (of course, I was torturing myself by book browsing when I was broke at the time, so I haven't gotten it -- YET.) Congrats to her!

You are a wonderfully bad influence. After reading this post I ordered The Shambling Guide in part so I'd remember to get the next one (Ursula-sounding vampires? Irresistible.). I'm now in the midst of losing my entire day to this book. My kid will be lucky if I remember to pick him up from preschool!

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