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Went to Toys R Us. Shopped for the various nieces, nephews, and my three-year-old brother. (Don't ask--when they tell you that brewer's yeast and kelp pills will make you feel young again, they're not kidding.)

I'm not sure if it's merely the fuzzy golden glow that age always casts over the past or not, but damn, toys are cooler these days. They have dragon Legos! Dragon Legos! I would've lopped off my arm for dragon Legos! Both arms! And action figure quality has gone up astoundingly in recent years, too--I think it's because they assume adults are collecting 'em. I'm not sure if toys in general have gotten cheaper, or if my concept of money has changed--ten dollars is no longer a small fortune to me now, but they all seem quite reasonably priced, with the sole exception of things like Harry Potter toys, which were ungodly. (The Barbie-esque Hermione had my husband making theatrical choking scenes in the aisles.)

Bein' me, I mostly went the stuffed animal route--every child needs a stuffed rhino, right? Right. And my kid brother can now lock his foes into the mini-crow cage of the Fisher Price Goblin Dungeon. (I would've KILLED for a dungeon to keep the My Little Pony prisoners in, when I was a kid...)

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Little Ursula had finally gotten her dragon legos, but alas, both of her arms were lopped off. Poor, poor Ursula had to make due with her feet.


Toys ARE cooler these days, After the dry period the mid 70's through early 90's were. I'm old nough to remember the LAST cool period of toys in the late 60's where they were cool, reative, and could maim you if misused. :-) It took them a generation to adapt to "Consumer protection" regulation, and they are being cool again.


o_o Huh? Toys were cooler back when I was five. Though perhaps that's because I lived in Germany at the time (things are just niftier in Europe), haven't been to a toy store in about a decade, and am horribly critical of the slightest flaws. :P In particular, bad hand-painting and messy mold seams really irritate me. I just see all of this cheaply-made, easily-breakable, utterly tasteless plastic crap advertised on ye olde TV and shudder.

Born there [er, Germany that is] 1980, returned to the States just long enough that I have only about five memories of living there as a child, then back to Germany until '89. They had some wicked cool stuff, man! My My Little Ponies DID play in a dungeon, occassionally. I believe my mom got Castle Greyskull and some HeMan mini-action-sets at a garage sale or something. Then again, it might have been after the MLP phase... Hmm. Anyway. I played with a ... erm.. what's the term.. like rubbery plastic (is that resin? I think so) dragon when I was a kid. That thing kicked booty. XD

Granted, tho, they've got some cool toys here too, but I seemed to remember really kickbutt stuff there. What do you expect from a country that has playgrounds everywhere (GOOD ones too, not just slide, swing and break-your-neck climbing jij-saws - we had stuff like logs carved into dragons that you swung on and this weird bar thing where you could hang on and it'd swing you around.... can't explain it but I can draw it, so I have to now. Drat..) and a "fairy tale" amusement park thing. But like, not the way the US would do it. Mostly gardens and water spout things (you know, how they'd make it look like a spurt of water jumped from one place to another? like that, it was so darned cool)... OH and castles too of course...

Aiie. They should take away my ability to make online posts after about one am. After that I just have no stop-gaps to my virtual mouth.

I would've lopped off my arm for dragon Legos!

Is that anything like chopping off your left arm to be ambidextrous?

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