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Round 2!

Uberthanks to everyone who has weighed in, and super-duper-mega-thanks to batwrangler for a mock-up---let's try this one more time!

The white version (which will display with black border on Amazon)

And the colored version:

cover3    cover3thumbnail

Which do y'all prefer? (And yes, I'll airbrush out the nipples for the final...)

I like the coloured better, but i think white might work better on my ereader. what's wrong with the nipples?

I like the color better, and think it's silly to remove the nipples.

I agree with this comment.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
You have to airbrush the nipples out!?

I like the 2nd best!

I *vastly* prefer the second.

Love the color version. Keep the nipples. I don't think we need to worry about over-sexualizing goblins.

Now, if Ursula went with Phil Foglio's reimagining of DIgger, that would be a problem...

The colour really brings out the character, and another vote to keep the goblin nipples.

Yet another vote for the coloured version, nipples included. Unless your agent thinks it would be A Bad Idea.

Yes, agreed.

The white does stand out more, but so much it hurts my (ludicrously sensitive just now) eyes.

The coloured version seems friendlier and more subversive. And it does emphasize that rainbow-trout sheen.

Edited at 2013-09-17 03:54 pm (UTC)

The coloured looks better to me. And another vote to keep the Goblin nipples.

I love the second one!

Like the colored version, it really makes the red of the coat pop, and brings out a pearlescent grey to the skin.

I like the colored version. It adds a sense of place.

I like the white.

I believe Tom Holt's UK editions are all on white backgrounds and they look really nice.

But don't goblins have more nipples than that?

[note on Tom Holt's UK editions: They weren't white in the beginning and I didn't like the illustrator, whoever it was. The white ones are vastly preferable, but I note that Blonde Bombshell is blue and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages is red.]

I prefer #2. And like others, I'm voting pro-goblin-nipples.

*grin* I believe you may be the closest we have to an authority on the matter....