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Serious Anole Is Very Serious

You are not serious enough to please Serious Anole.


Do you think that life is all butterflies and delicious slugs? No!  SERIOUS ANOLE WILL HAVE NO MORE OF THIS FRIVOLITY.

(That handsome plant, by the by, is Camphor Pluchea, a weirdass native wildflower that I grew on a whim, which reseeds readily, if not frighteningly, and about which pretty much nobody knows nuthin’, beyond the dutiful listings in databases. It is an annual and plops itself into various damp spots around the garden, but doesn’t seem to do much beyond that. Bees don’t even know what to make of it, but teeny little weird pollinator flies think it is AWESOME.)

Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.


You'd be serious too, if you'd spent the last couple of months growing a new tail!

I was wondering if that was why the different color, or if that's just the pattern of that species.

Whoa! I didn't even notice the tail, but clearly that's what's been happening.

I'm glad you identified the plant. And, along with the teeny little weird pollinator flies, I'm glad you grow it.

I must get my eyes tested. Or maybe clean my glasses.

I read that as 'Serious Archie'. And wondered why you'd named your lizard 'Archie'...

Why wouldn't you name a lizard 'Archie'?

Speaking of serious insect-pleasing plants - didn't you say in a recent column that you grow a mountain mint?
I get various Pycanthemum species when I google that, and i could have sworn what you mention started with a c - maybe calamintha?

*making plant orders*

I do indeed grow a lot of mountain mint, and that's the Pycanthemum! Any variety of that is probably gonna bring in some really crazy pollinators--that stuff is nuts. P. incanum and P. muticum will both spread by runners in good garden soil with enough moisture, but will stay put pretty well in dry, miserable clay, and form a slowly-growing clump.

I also grow the non-native catmint, cultivar Walker's Low, which is a tough little workhorse of a plant that I'm fond of--it's more popular with the neighbor's honeybees than with our native pollinators, but some of them will use it as a stop-gap plant if nothing else is blooming.

Calamintha's pretty worthless in my yard--I wish it did better, but frankly, it lasts one season, gets scraggly, and won't come back.

I used to work at a pet store where we sold green anoles. Nobody ever knew what they were when I said the name, so I took to saying, "Close your eyes, and I'm gonna say a word: Lizard. That little green thing that just popped into your head? That's an anole."

Teeny weird little pollinator flies need plant love too.

You want a cheerful lizard? Go talk to an Iguana. Bob your head up and down when you do. It will be so happy it will copy you.


(Actually, it's a challenge behavior)

I kept a green anole as a pet for a while when I was a kid. Named him Dollar, because he had a green back ...

But you *did* give a damn about him, didn't you?

Sorry, sorry, my folk music roots are showing.

He looks Darkly Suspicious to me - What was that movement? Should I eat it or flee from it? Hm...

Speaking of serious

The hyrax is FAR more serious than the anole. Just look at them:

Just looked up a Hyrax and I swear it was smirking.

I have a friend, who grew up in Ohio (do they not have a lot of lizards in Ohio?).

Where we live (SE Texas) there are a lot of lizards running around (they've been particularly thick on the ground this year, frogs too...and we're in a drought) I can't remember who started it, but we had her convinced that the 'green' ones were poisonous and the 'brown' ones were safe...

Do the flowers smell sweet? If so, you've solved a minor plant mystery for me -- I'd been admiring a new-to-me plant in a campus garden this summer and didn't bother googling because I can't describe plants worth a damn. Thank you! And now I'm off to be productive, spurred by the powerful gaze of the serious (and adorable) anole.

oh man, I think I just blinked or something, but my brain processed it as the anole blinking at me. AUGH. Good picture!

He looks like he could give Grumpy Cat a run for her money.