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Book Tour: Halfway!

I am not dead!

Two days of tour down, two to go—I get a break in the middle here to travel to Charlotte. (We’ll see if the TSA comes up with any new excitements…)

So far, it’s gone well! I’m pretty hoarse by the end of the day, usually, but my voice is holding up. All the people organizing everything have been wonderful. (The nice librarians at St. Christopher’s Academy gave me a St. Christopher medal for safe travel! I am quite touched!)

I have few observations to make, except that all-boys schools are rowdier (and right before lunch, it’s Lord of the Flies in there—and right after, they’re very sedate. The teachers are fully aware of this phenomenon, but I sure wasn’t!) and I can hold a room full of kids for 35-45 minutes, but over an hour leaves me wrung out and exhausted.

BBGB Book had an awesome little meet-up in the store, and some fans and old friends came out–great to see you guys! (Hi, Callista!)  Thanks to Mark for being so awesome (and you guys can geek out about D&D at one of my signings ANY TIME. Seriously. After a day full of small children, I am delighted to talk about paladins and smiting.)

This morning I got to sleep in, which meant I went down for almost twelve hours, and now I am more or less ready to hie off to Charlotte. Woo!

Tomorrow will be the really rough day–FIVE school sessions, then I get on a plane, get in to Miami fairly late, go to the store, sign stock, eat a very late dinner, go to the hotel and drop dead for about seven hours, then get up and do it again.

And then home! Glorious home! Where Kevin and the Island of Misfit Pets are waiting!

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But have you tried room service yet?

I have! It was pretty awesome in a "I do not want to leave the room again" kind of way.

It's difficult to go back once you've experienced the power of food delivered to your bedroom. My wife has already vetoed room service at home! Can't think why?!

I get disappointed every time I stay in a hotel and can't order room service because I'm broke. I adore room service.

... the Island of Misfit Pets ... [snarf, snarf]

- Brandon, the large, mellow border collie who is now on thyroid meds
- Gir, the beagle ('nuff said)
- Sergi, the one-eye cat
- Sami, the cat who loves everyone, although I think she wants me in a more personal way
- Emily, the mad cat
- Angus, the little orange cat, and maybe the closest to normal
- Marv, the serial masturbating cat

Speaking of Sergi, has he completed his rise to power and now rules the Island with an iron paw covered by lovely soft fur?

No, he is still getting used to things, although he is asserting himself more. I have to wonder if he isn't trying to lull everyone into a false sense of security.

Also, he's damn near silent. Doesn't meow, doesn't purr, and makes no noise when walking. It's really cool.

We had a cat once who would either make noise when walking on lino, or not, depending on whether it was announcing it's arrival into the room or trying to sneak in un-announced. In other words, claws out for noise, claws in for quiet.

I can never keep track of everybody, although Sergi and Gir are pretty firmly in my head.

Where in Miami is this? Do you want to meet weakly electric fish?

Much as I would love to, there is quite literally not an hour of my time unaccounted for. I land, I sign stock,I fall down, I get up, I do school visits all day, and I am driven tot he airport again. Alas! Perhaps next time.

I figured you'd be completely booked, but wanted to offer :)

Maybe too late (hopefully not!) but get some Thayer's slipper elm throat lozenges to help prevent hoarseness. If you can't get those, see if there's a juice bar (or room service might make it) that'll mix fresh pineapple juice with freshly grated ginger (and cardamom too if possible) and drink that. It sounds torturous, but it'll revive a worn out throat like nothing else.

Good luck with the rest of your tour!

Do you have a travel assistant?

This travel sounds rough. Do you have an editor or other assistant keeping things in order, such as where to go and when?


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