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Coping with Stone

Well, the government has moved into spoiled brat mode, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. So I’m gonna go build something with stone.

I have a nice load of rough cobbles at a manageable size, should be just enough to put up a swale. I’ve been wanting to build a swale. Today seems like a great day.

Tomorrow I pack. Day after that, I get up at the crack of godawful and go fly to the wilds of Upper Peninsula Michigan. (Gallery Boheme! Calumet! October 4th! Be there or be someplace that isn’t there!)

The air is particular fine today.

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And strangely enough, the people who will be asking you about spiders are not affected by the tantrums.

I wish I had half your motivation. It's all I can do just to get up some days.

Construction materials are a marvelous coping strategy.

Sadly, I'm stuck at work, but I have sheets of plywood and an unfinished art studio waiting for me back home, and it really does help one ignore the powers that be being blundering selfish idiots.

Also, swales are awesome! I'm planning a rain garden, but it has to wait for the studio to be done.

I have a swale in front of my apartment!
Technically it's a ditch, but since it is entirely overgrown with marsh plants I think it counts as a swale.

Tony' s Country Kitchen in Laurium -- best pasties ever and great cookies. (If you think this is some dirty comment, you're not a Yooper -- grin).

Dr. Phil

I will crochet - but I do that anyway. However, since some food support programs will be shutting down, I will also pick up More Food to put in donation barrel when shopping. Anybody who can squeeze a few bucks out of the budget is encouraged to do the same please!

And I approve of your strategy. But I must look up definition of "swale". *looks on Wiki* Okay, this does not tell me why cobblestones are involved.
I rest secure, however, in the knowledge that you know why and are using them appropriately.

*grin* In permaculture, small swales are built along slopes, using stones. (Imagine a very small retaining wall). It slows water runoff down slopes.

...you're not going to be in the Upper Peninsula until, say, the 11th, are you? By chance?

Alas, I shall be flying home on the 8th!

I arrive the 10th.


I tried to post a fun article about knights battling snails, but it won't let me. It reminded me of your Garden Paladin.

It's okay--I've seen those! Aren't they AWESOME?!

Oh good! I saw that and immediately thought of you, and the +3 Holy Trowel of Weed-Slaying.

If I were not flying back to Minneapolis from Montreal tomorrow, I'd be all over that. It's going to be gorgeous in the UP this week.

Pretty darn nice here too, though, so at least there's that.

Might I reccomend that any leftover cobbles that remain un-swale-d be hefted in the direction of various congresscritters? You know.. to encourage them a bit...

He is an awesome bug!

Thank you! He eats critters as big as salamanders by injecting them with digestive juices! I am mildly perturbed though that something nicknamed the "Toe Biter" was in my car trying to hide under my seat. According to an edu site, the bite can make an entire hand or foot swell. Whee?

and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

I take it you have already yelled at your Congresspersons?

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