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Still Life With Katydid

Heading out tomorrow at the crack of godawful, to visit my parents, do a gallery opening, all that good stuff. I am already tired, so this may be the Death March of the Wombat. We’ll see.

I shall leave you with a katydid.


This is called a “Broad-Tipped Conehead Katydid.”

Seriously, check out that face.


You can’t tell me he isn’t plotting something.

Also, I got a barred owl in the backyard last night, and that is just cool beyond all reason. And a life bird. At the moment, I am having enormous fun just finding new species in my yard, but perhaps the wilds of Upper Michigan will have some late migrants for me. Or some interesting ducks.

And then at least I get to be home for a little while, until it’s time to go sign copies of Digger. And then I’m not traveling again for anything less than Disneyworld or an act of God until May.

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If Stewie from Family Guy was an insect...

Oh my god, that is EXACTLY the eye.

Holy crap. I think he is plotting at least continental domination.

The katydid is from Remulac, a small town in ... France.

I live 40 minutes from Disneyworld, and have an empty guest bedroom again...

I had a barred owl in the backyard once. We had taken our year-old son out back to try out the tree-swing, and this big honkin' owl perches on the back fence, looking all grim and contemplative-like. I was at the same time incredibly cool and no little bit unnerving.

Safe travels!

Also must tell you that the 7-year-old was THRILLED to receive the latest Dragonbreath for his birthday yesterday, and his 9-year-old brother immediately snagged it to read ahead. Also, we are all laughing at the answer to the family-last-name question I always wondered about. The kids agreed that they'd rather be named Dragonbreath, too. Heh.

I feel your joy at the owl. I'm happy because back of our house seems to have acquired a tawny owl. :)

There are barred owls in the woodland park near my house. A birder friend once described them as nosey owls, as they're often out early, staring at things, and asking "Who cooks for you?".

We have at least 2 pairs, and they start out with "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for YOU-ALL?" but when the rival pair starts answering they get all pissed off and end up just whooping and quacking like misbegotten coyote/duck hybrids.

Also that katydid totally looks like Pyramid Head.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5zc-NHIipw is a fair sample, but they actually get more raucous than that.

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